Top 7 Best CBD Topicals for Pain

Are you tired of dealing with pain?

If you find yourself popping over-the-counter pain relievers like aspirin and NSAIDs, you could be putting your liver at risk.

There are other more natural options ranging from CBD joints to hemp oil. And one of the best and most effective is topical CBD.

So we’ll take a look at seven products considered among the best CBD topical for pain.

1. Lord Jones High CBD Formula Body Oil

Lord Jones High CBD Formula Body Oil has a sleek and stylish design that comes with a roller ball applicator.

This helps the user target pressure points with 100 mg of CBD while allowing easy application with skin-friendly oils including safflower, jojoba, and avocado.

2. Green Roads Muscle & Joint Relief Cream

Green Roads paired up with a licensed pharmacist to develop their topical creams that use CBD for pain relief.

Completely free of THC, their creams are available in 150 mg or 300 mg potencies. Each formula contains menthol for a soothing and cool application.

3. Mary’s Nutritionals Muscle Freeze

When it comes to a powerful CBD Muscle Rub, Mary’s Nutritionals Muscle Freeze Cream delivers fast-acting relief.

Mango butter, menthol, and full-spectrum CBD help to relieve sore muscles, as well as soothe and hydrate the skin.

A 42.5-gram bottle contains 75 mg of CBD while a more potent 92.1-gram bottle offers 200 mg of CBD.

4. CBDol Salve

If you’re looking for one of the stronger topical CBD products on the market, CBDol salve could be right up your alley.

Formulated by CBDistillery, each 1-ounce container has 500mg of full-spectrum CBD to battle pain and promote a completely synergistic effect.

5. Vertly Hemp CBD-Infused Relief Lotion

Every 2.9-ounce jar of Vertly’s CBD lotion contains 150 mg of full-spectrum CBD.

Other ingredients in this nongreasy lotion include arnica flower for muscle tightness, magnesium for muscle recovery, and lavender oil for its anti-inflammatory properties.

6. White Fox Repair Remedy Salve

White Fox’s Repair Remedy Salve serves double duty as a pain reliever for sore and achy muscles as well as an antimicrobial you can safely apply to cuts and scrapes.

Pain-fighting ingredients include willow bark, Helichrysum, arnica, and 200mg of CBD in their 3.38-ounce product.

7. 1937 Wellness CBD Comfort Cream

This cream packs some powerful pain relief with 1000 mg of CBD in just 8 ounces.

The high concentration of CBD isolate makes this cream one of the more effective products currently available. And since it uses an isolate, it’s guaranteed to be free of THC.

The addition of organic camphor, jojoba, and peppermint oils makes for soothing relief when rubbed into sore joints and muscles.

What Is the Best CBD Topical for Pain?

The eight products listed above are a great place to start your experimentation with CBD salves, lotions, and creams.

What will ultimately be the best CBD topical for pain for you will depend on a number of factors. So we encourage you to get out there and start exploring!

And for more interesting articles on a wide variety of intriguing subjects, keep checking back with us! You won’t be disappointed.

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