Top 6 Essential Cannabis Growing Tips

Are you growing more curious about cannabis? You’re not the only one.

A recent report projected that the legal marijuana market will reach almost $91 billion on a global scale by the year 2027. That’s some serious cash.

With the growing legalization of purchasing legal marijuana, more and more places are making it also legal to grow your own. For those not interested in paying premium taxes, that’s a tempting alternative.

However, cannabis requires a lot more attention than your typical houseplant. If you don’t follow the right cannabis growing tips, then you won’t have luck with your home cultivation.

Luckily, we’ve rounded up the best tips to get you started on your journey. Read on to learn our top 7 essential cannabis growing tips.

1. Know the Legalities

While many places around the world have decriminalized and even legalized recreational marijuana, not all of them are legal places to grow your own crop.

For example, if you’re wondering where to grow cannabis in Europe, many places still consider it a criminal offense. Before you begin your home cultivation, it’s best to do your research first.

2. Research Cannabis Growing Tips Beforehand

As we mentioned before, you won’t be able to put your marijuana plant amongst all your other houseplants and expect it to grow. You’ll need to research tips for growing cannabis before you begin. Otherwise, your poor plant will face certain death.

3. Get the Proper Lighting

If you plan on growing your cannabis indoors, then a grow light is a must.

There are many varieties of lighting options available, but many beginners use LED grow lights. They’re relatively inexpensive, very effective, and they won’t put your electricity bills through the roof.

When selecting a grow light, be sure you’re choosing the proper setup to accommodate however many plants you’re planning to cultivate.

4. Water the Correct Amount

This is one of the most important cannabis growing tips: make sure your plants are receiving the proper amount of water. Overwatering can prevent root oxygenation, while underwatering will kill the plant altogether.

5. Perform Temperature Control

Your marijuana plants require warmer temperatures in order to thrive. It’s best to keep a thermometer in your grow space in order to make sure you’re getting the temperature right.

Generally, you should try to keep the temperature around 70°F during the day and around 75°F at night. If needed, you can use a small space heater to keep the temperatures up.

6. Maintain Proper Airflow

Another one of the most important cannabis growing tips is this: Your plants need to breathe! Because cannabis requires so much oxygen, it’s vital to keep a small fan in your growing space in order to maintain the proper airflow. It doesn’t take much; for smaller grows, a small table fan will do the trick.

Get Growing!

Although it’s fussier than your average houseplant, growing your own marijuana can be a very rewarding hobby. Now that you know the best cannabis growing tips, get out there, and get growing!

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