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Things to do around Barcelona
Barcelona, a part of the charm and beauty of this city is that it is surrounded by many wonderful places that you can visit, especially if you’ve already been to the city a few times before and are looking for something new. If you’ve never been to the Catalan capital before then it may be best that you check out the Barcelona accommodation on offer in the city center and plan a trip within the city walls. Otherwise, to get the most out of your trip, you can rent an apartment that will enable you to see the best of the inner city and the surrounding area by renting a bit further from the center. You’ll save money too as quality apartments away from the center are cheaper to stay in.

The city of Girona is 100km from Barcelona and was founded as in 77BC, as such, this beautiful place has a rich history. You can stroll through the picturesque streets around the center and see the cathedral with the largest gothic nave in the world. You can also take photos of the charming characteristic houses which stretch across the river.

Costa Brava
One of the best places to visit across Barcelona, full of an array of destinations. This region consists of 200 miles of coast north of Barcelona, from Blanes to Portbou. There’s a varied landscape too, from small fishing villages to medieval towns and mid-sized cities. If you had to choose only 2 places to visit though, then it’s recommended you check out Tossa de Mar and Roses.

You can find Figueres 136 km from Barcelona. It’s one of the most important cities on the Costa Brava and capital of the region Alt EmportdĂ . The importance of visiting this location is owing to the fact that it was the birthplace of DalĂ­, and in every corner, you can practically breathe in his art. It is, therefore, home to an impressive DalĂ­ museum, with the best of surrealist art on show.

The town of Sitges is another place to visit near Barcelona. There are many medieval elements of the town that are still preserved and it has a rich cultural heritage because it was a landmark place for modernist intellectuals.

Montaña de Montserrat
The mountain of Montserrat is one of the most interesting places to visit near Barcelona. It’s practically an icon of the city, and of Catalonia too. Here you will find the famous monastery which houses a statue of the Virgin Mary, black, the patron saint of Catalonia.

La Montaña de la sal – CardonaBarcelona surrounding areas
In English, it translates to “The Salt Mountain” is a monument geographically located close to Barcelona and is exactly what it says that it is. It’s little over an hour away from Barcelona. These salt mines were one of the most important exports in Europe. They are found in the “Parc Cultural de la Muntanya de Sal”, which were founded in 1997. In front of the min is the Castle of Cardona, built between the ninth and twelfth century. A location well worth visiting.

Next time you land in the Catalan capital, you don’t have to settle for just seeing the city. Expand your horizons, and tour the entire region of Barcelona. It’s recommended that if you want to do this then you should rent a car. If for whatever reason you can’t, then some of the places are well connected with public transport (like Montserrat, Sitges, Girona) but you’ll have to plan in advance. Once you’ve exhausted the Barcelona region you can even consider moving on to Madrid, where you can stay in a Madrid apartment.

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