Want a Higher Position at Work? Here Are Some Marijuana Industry Jobs You Should Consider

Want a Higher Position at Work? Here Are Some Marijuana Industry Jobs You Should Consider

As the cannabis industry continues to grow so does the job market. It is expected to have a 110% percent increase by 2020 adding to its 2017 total of 211,000 jobs.

Finally, loving cannabis has finally paid off as you now have the opportunity to cash in on a career. And with so many career options available, your current skills are transferable.

Now is the time to start searching for marijuana industry jobs before the competition for these sought-after jobs gets higher than you are.

Read on to discover some of the top cannabis jobs to consider.

Cannabis Writer

With the marijuana industry changing and growing each day it needs knowledgeable writers to keep people informed. So, if you love to write and also like to smoke, this is the perfect job for you.

Businesses need copy to fill up their web site with content. They also need well-written articles for their blogs.

As more people begin to try cannabis for the first time, they look for information online. You can write about the benefits of cannabis, its side effects, how to grow your own, and where and to buy it.

People are also interested in new ways to take cannabis. Keep them informed about new smoking devices, vaporizing technology, and even hemp products for your pets.

You also have to stay up-to-date on marijuana legalization and laws pertaining to various parts of the world.

There are some full-time staff positions as marketing and content managers, but many cannabis writing jobs are freelance gigs.


If you like cannabis industry jobs that are a bit more interactive then try being a budtender. Think of it as a combination of a bartender and a concierge.

You would work at a dispensary and be the expert of all things cannabis in the shop.

This is a dream sales job for anyone who loves to talk to people about cannabis. You would have to be very familiar with the dispensary’s supply of products by knowing various strains and their flavor, effects, and benefits.

A good budtender is proactive and knows how to suggest products for their customers. You would also be responsible for meeting sales goals and possibly making purchasing decisions about the dispensary’s inventory.


A consultant is the pinnacle of marijuana careers on the market because you are involved with all the aspects of the business. This means you have to be well-respected and known in the world of cannabis.

Some responsibilities include helping start-ups find retail locations, connect them with distributors and growers, and obtain licenses and permits.

You will have to maintain good judgment to determine the best suggestion for your clients.

Consultants are usually self-employed so it may take time to establish this type of career. There are a few firms that hire consultants but it requires an extensive background in finance, law, or business.

If you do seek to become a consultant it will be well worth the effort because it is one of the high paying cannabis jobs available.

Chef or Baker

If you are wondering how to get into the cannabis industry as an entrepreneur then you can start your own business by making edibles.

People new to the cannabis scene enjoy the pleasurable and healthier way to consume weed. Plus, edibles are so versatile. They come in small doses of throat drops, potent pastries, and cannabis-flavored gourmet dishes.

There is also a range of work environments. You can work in an intimate setting like your home, making baked goods or in industrial kitchens of cannabis-infused restaurants.

Being a cannabis cook means knowing how to use proper dosages and particular terpenes (responsible for the strain’s aroma) to create a safe, effective, and delicious product.


A great entry-level job for you to get your foot in the cannabis door is a courier for a dispensary.

In some cities, you can bike to customers to deliver their bag of happiness to them. This job is extremely satisfying, but it takes some endurance and fearlessness.

You have to know neighborhoods well enough to navigate swiftly and be courageous enough to travel with and deliver cannabis to strangers.


Do you have a green thumb? If so, you should invest your time in learning the ins and outs of growing cannabis.

This job isn’t as simplistic as it seems as it requires certain skills to grow cannabis on a mass scale and for profit. It’s not your experimental grow-room you did in college.

You will have to learn about cloning, hydroponics, pest control, climate settings, and nutritional compounds in order to grow cannabis successfully on a mass scale.

Lab Technician

One of the last stages of the cannabis distribution network is the essential lab testing of the product. Legitimate companies are required to test their cannabis products before it goes onto the self.

This testing takes place in a third-party lab where the cannabinoid content is determined. The level of THC is most important when testing hemp strains sold as CBD items. THC must be less than .3% to be legally sold as CBD products.

This is also an important stage to verify that cannabis has been grown organically. Contamination testing will also be a large part of the job.

A degree in chemistry, biological, or a related subject is needed to have the skills required for the job.

How to Find Marijuana Industry Jobs

You can look for marijuana industry jobs online just like any other career field. But, there are also cannabis staffing agencies that cater to these types of jobs. You can also network online and at cannabis events.

Visit the job section of our blog to start your cannabis career search.

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