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What Makes A Gift Go Wrong

Are you tired of getting lukewarm receptions to your gifts? Perhaps you’ve even had the awful experience of seeing what you got someone being re-gifted to someone else? The person who does that is a jerk, yes, but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t something wrong with your gift giving process. Perhaps it’s time to re-evaluated how you choose and how you give.

What Makes A Gift Go Wrong



This is problem number one with a lot of gift giving. Having a light-hearted jab in a gift is all well and good. But if it doesn’t come with genuine amusement value or use to the person receiving it, it’s not worth it. This isn’t just about crass jokes that maybe cross the line, too. You have to consider that you’re not giving a gift that’s really quite insulting. For instance, a collection of artisanal peanut butters for someone with a nut allergy. Perhaps the more common example is getting self-improvement gifts, like self-help books or diet equipment. When looking at it from an outside perspective, it’s easy to see why what you thought was a heartfelt gesture might actually be an insult.

Not making it an experience

If you don’t put a little effort into how you present the present and how you give it to them, there’s no sense of an emotional journey. It’s a surprise, yes, but not everyone likes surprises. Instead, spend some time building anticipation and let their mind wander and fervor at the idea of what you’ve got them. It sets the mood just right to improve the reaction to a gift no matter what it is.

What Makes A Gift Go Wrong


Going generic

Listen out in advance for gift ideas. If you really can’t think of something that will immense personal value to them based on their wants and needs, then get something that’s actually personalized. Make it unique to them like a Likenessme personalized bobblehead doll. Even if it’s something fun, simple, and silly, it’s going to have a bit of emotional weight to it. After all, it shows that you’ve put a bit more effort than most tend to put into their gifts and it’s a personal dedication to the recipient.

Thinking about cost more than anything else

Sometimes, like on Christmas for the kids, you have to balance budgets carefully so people don’t feel like they’re getting the short end of the stick. But really, you shouldn’t be too concerned about getting budget gifts or even DIY homemade gifts just because they’re cheap. You’re looking for emotional impact more than anything. Trying to add up to a magic number is just going to increase your chances that you’re getting a gift that doesn’t have much real appeal to them. If you spot something cheap that you’re more certain would work as a gift, just go for it.

Most importantly, just make sure it’s heartfelt. Even if you are sending online birthday cards , it is the sentiment written in the card that counts. In addition, the best way to ensure you’re always getting good gifts is to pay attention and even keep an inspiration list.

Some people drop hints intentionally, but most people can’t help but give away what catches their eye or excites and amuses them.