Adult Weekend

  It took me a minute or two to remember what an adult weekend is like. Now I remember. I’ve been watching Abby for 6 days a week, sometimes this includes weekends, more often than not it included weekends until 2 weeks ago. Her mom took another job and keptContinue Reading

Review pediped Shoes

Disclosure: I received a pair of shoes from pediped to review. All opinions are my own based on reviewing these shoes with the help of Abby :). Thank you pediped for making Abbys little feet comfortable and stylish with all natural quality materials. I’ve had a chance to review a pair of shoes from pediped and I love them. EvenContinue Reading

Goulash Recipe

How are you spending your Saturday? Me, I’m a busy little beaver. I’ve got two bushels of fresh peas straight from the West farm. I’m cleaning them and then I will be busy blanching them to put them up in the freezer. They will come in handy during the winter, nothingContinue Reading