5 Ways the Luxury Travel Industry is Responding to the Coronavirus Pandemic

Luxury travel is often associated with those long voyages spanning weeks and months, often jet setting to some faraway destinations across the globe either with your family, friends, or a significant other. Even if you’re traveling solo, luxury travel is often laden with up-scale experiences like fine dining, cultural events,Continue Reading

LGD-4033 SARMs Review

Ligandrol, commonly called LGD-4033 or VK5221, is a selective androgen receptor modulator (SARM) used for treating osteoporosis and muscle wasting. While Viking Therapeutics is still developing it, it was Ligand Pharmaceuticals that first discovered it. It’s, therefore, a relatively new drug that is still under investigation. LGD-4033 is an effectiveContinue Reading

Why Modern Vehicles are Safer if You Have an Accident

If you haven’t kept up with the design improvements and new technology that’s led to greater safety improvements in the auto industry, you’re in for a surprise. While not all accidents are completely avoidable, personal injury is sometimes preventable through better auto design.  Riding in style as an influencer doesn’tContinue Reading