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Bottled Beauties: 7 Popular Grape Varieties and Their Characteristics

Once you become an adult, you realize grapes from the grocery store aren’t all that grape growers around the world produce. They also grow a variety of wine grapes that are then turned into delicious wine varieties for sale around the world.

An entire new world of experiences can open once you come to this realization, and you may be eager to explore as many varieties as possible. However, you, of course, want to start with the most popular. In that case, wines made with these popular grape varieties can be worth exploring first: 

Sauvignon Blanc

Wine growers around the world start their days by relying on their Pellenc grape harvester parts, harvesting their Sauvignon Blanc grapes, and producing one of the most popular wine varieties in the world.

Sauvignon Blanc grapes grow beautifully in colder climes and can be picked at various stages to produce different flavors. For example, you might notice grassy and citrus notes when grapes are picked with a low amount of sugar. As that sugar content rises, you’ll taste more tropical notes. 

Pinot Noir

Only the most experienced wine producers dabble with Pinot Noir. However, this grape variety is still the fifth most popular worldwide. It simply requires precision for the resultant wine to turn out beautifully.

Pinot Noir grapes grow better in colder climates and have an incredible depth of flavor when picked at the right time. You may notice cherry, raspberry, and strawberry hints. Sometimes, there are even notes of coffee and spices from the oak aging process. 


If you like wine that gets better with age, Riesling is worth adding to your shopping cart. Riesling grapes are grown in cooler climates and are generally picked when their sugar levels are around 10.5 to 12.5. Picking at this time helps growers balance the high acidity levels with sweetness. 


Merlot are striking blue wine grapes that can be harvested for traditional Merlot wine or to be blended with other grape varieties. These grapes tend to be grown in the Bordeaux wine regions and are among the most popular red wine varieties on the market. As a result, at least 266,000 acres, or 3% of vineyards, had been planted in Merlot by 2015. 


If you’re looking for a well-balanced wine variety to take to a special event or enjoy in the comfort of your own home, Chardonnay could be the answer. Chardonnay grapes are among the most versatile and display a broad range of notes depending on when they’re picked.

The less sugar they have, the more hints of grapefruit and lemon you’ll notice. As those sugar levels develop, there’ll be more nectarine, peach, and melon characteristics. 

Pinot Gris

Pinot Gris is a soft, gentle wine variety grown in Italy, one of the leading wine producers in the world. The flavors in this wine range from melon to mango. However, some growers harvest their grapes early to balance the acidity with fruitiness for a more neutral profile.  


Shiraz is one of the most common wine varieties. Shiraz grapes grow in all manner of climates, allowing for a broad variety of flavors. You can expect hints of white pepper, plum, and blueberry in colder climates. In warmer climates, black pepper, blackberry, and licorice are more noticeable. Shiraz is also an ideal grape variety to blend with others, such as Cabernet Sauvignon and Grenache. 

We are spoiled for choice when it comes to grape varieties to enjoy in our favorite bottles of wine. If you’re struggling to choose a bottle to share with friends, any of the grape varieties above is worth exploring. 

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