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How to Modernize an Outdated Bathroom

We’ve all seen outdated bathrooms that haven’t been updated in decades. But what happens when you’re stuck with one in your own home? Whether it’s one you installed years ago, thinking it was stylish at the time, or it’s something you inherited, it can be tough to deal with. Some people might make the decision to completely remodel a bathroom like this, but it’s not something everyone is willing to do. It can be expensive to completely rip out a bathroom and replace it. You have other options if you want to modernize a bathroom that’s totally outdated. You could choose the route of totally renovating it, but you can choose to make smaller changes or opt for a transformation in stages too.

Replace the Bathroom Suite

Replacing the sink, bathtub and perhaps shower if there’s a separate one will immediately upgrade a bathroom. It doesn’t necessarily require a full renovation but it can deliver a brand new, impactful look. It also might not take that long to complete, so you could have everything looking new in a day or less. Find a plumbing service with an informative website like Cathedral Plumbing at https://www.cathedralplumbingtx.com/ when you need an installation service. There are plenty of modern designs that can refresh your bathroom and keep it looking contemporary for longer.

Update Old Tiles

Old tiles in your bathroom can really affect the overall image. If you don’t like the color, it’s hard to put up with it. Updating old tiles doesn’t have to be difficult, so you could easily get the look that you really want. One option is to consider painting the tiles, but finding the right paint for this is important. You might also want to consider removing the existing tiles and replacing them with something new. This is something you could DIY if you’re willing to learn a new skill. A few tutorial videos can show you how it’s done.

Get New Fittings and Hardware

If you’re not willing to go through the effort of replacing large fixtures in your bathroom, you could replace smaller items instead. Replacing things like faucets, door handles, or towel rails could be the key to making your bathroom look more modern. It could be that the existing ones are looking a little worse for wear, or maybe they look pretty outdated. Either way, refreshing these items could give your bathroom a brand new look so that you can enjoy it more. These could be items you can replace yourself too, which could save you some money.

How to Modernize an Outdated Bathroom
Work With What You’ve Got

Sometimes you just have to accept what you have and try to make it work. Whether it’s because of budget constraints, because you’re renting, or just because you secretly like a rather outdated feature, you could make something of it. Maybe you have some bathroom tiles that are really brightly colored. Instead of painting over them or replacing them, you could add some extra accessories or features to the room that match them. Lots of things can look a lot better if you lean into them instead of trying to hide them or detract from them.

Use Art and Greenery

You decorate other rooms in your home, so there’s no reason you shouldn’t decorate your bathroom. Of course, it’s a rather humid and moist room by nature, so you have to be careful with how you choose to decorate it. One easy addition can be plants, which make a lot of sense to keep in your bathroom. Many plants love the moisture and can thrive well there. Hanging artwork can be a fun way to update your bathroom too. Treat it like the other spaces in your home and add art that you enjoy.

Paint or Wallpaper the Walls

Not all bathrooms have completely tiled walls. In fact, many only have half-tiled walls or don’t have any tiles at all. If you have a clear wall and want to make something of it, finding the right paint color or the right wallpaper can help. Certain paint colors could help to balance out old fashioned features in other parts of the room. Or they can help your bathroom look and feel fresher and more contemporary. If you’re looking at wallpaper, consider something bold and colorful that could really make an impact.

There are multiple ways you could modernize a bathroom that’s seen its best days. You can do as much or as little work as you would like to create a bathroom you love.

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