5 fun baking recipes for children

  Kids love treats and there is no better way to make such baked treats other than getting them involved in the preparation and baking process. Kids will love to bake with their mothers just the way they will enjoy drawing, reading and even painting with their fathers. While thereContinue Reading

Salmon Loaf Recipe

Oldie but goody. I’m pulling this recipe out of the archives. I’ve been cooking seafood at least twice a week for quite some time now. Not just because it’s so good but also for the health benefits. I’m always experimenting with seafood so we don’t end up eating the sameContinue Reading


Mexican Burger I made this up as I went along. I found a recipe online for Mexican Burgers but it had chili powder in it. I didnt have any chili powder so I decided to make my own recipe. I had lean ground beef, muenster cheese, taco seasoning and someContinue Reading

Goulash Recipe

How are you spending your Saturday? Me, I’m a busy little beaver. I’ve got two bushels of fresh peas straight from the West farm. I’m cleaning them and then I will be busy blanching them to put them up in the freezer. They will come in handy during the winter, nothingContinue Reading

Brown Rice Recipe

Another rainy day here in Georgia so I’m entertaining Abby by helping HER cook :). She picked out pork chops (which I did fry in extra virgin olive oil so I don’t feel too terribly bad about eating some) and brown rice. When I first tasted brown rice I wasn’tContinue Reading