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A Chef’s Guide to Olive Oil vs Coconut Oil: Which Is Better?

Did you know that Turkey produced 250,000 metric tons of Olive Oil in 2019? Turkey is only one of many countries that regularly produce hundreds of thousands of tons of olive oil each year. 

Yes, Olive oil is a staple item in kitchens of almost every country in the world. However, for many people the debate continues: Should I use Olive Oil or Coconut oil?

If you are wondering which side to take in the olive oil vs coconut oil debate, perhaps we can help you! Why not check out our in-depth article to learn more about each type of oil. 

Which Oil Has a Higher Quality?

In general, you will see that there is a range of low price of olive oils available. This scores points for Olive oil right? Not exactly.

Unfortunately, there is a lot of low prices, low-quality olive oils available. These may be loaded with extra ingredients to increase their volume. It is always worth your time and energy in separating fact from fiction when it comes to olive oil. 

If you are looking for a guaranteed provider of quality olive oil, check out Olivebox. 

Coconut oil is easier to vouch for. It generally comes from more genuine providers. It also has a higher smoke point. This is important as this is the point when oil starts to burn and add unwanted flavors to your food.

Which Oil Is Healthier?

Coconut oil does have a high saturated fat content. However, do not let this put you off. The saturated fats found in coconut oil are medium-chain-triglycerides (MCTs).

These healthy fats have a positive effect on your body’s cholesterol level. They will actually lower the elements and fats that contribute to heart disease.

If you are a fan of olive oil, you will be glad to know that it can achieve the same goals. Its high levels of monounsaturated fats contribute to decreases in cholesterol levels. 

Do Oils have Antioxidants?

If you have ever visited the Mediterranean, you will know how positively people speak about the health benefits of olive oil. Its positive effect on your skin and immune system. 

There is some science to support their classic claims. Olive oil has bioavailable phenolic compounds that have varied health benefits including the protection of DNA and lowering of inflammation. 

Coconut oil has a level of antioxidant. However, not to the extent of olive oil. If you are looking for an oil that supports the immune response to bacteria, science indicates that coconut oil can do this for you.

Olive Oil vs Coconut Oil – The Debate Continues

If you regularly cook with oil, you no doubt have a strong opinion on the olive oil vs coconut oil debate. This is often influenced by our taste, culture, and personal cooking history.

However, if there is one takeaway from our discussion, it is that there are benefits to both. The key is to know when to use each type of oil to complement your diet. 

If you would like to know more about cooking and lifestyle topics, then we can help you. Take a few minutes to look at our other blog articles to see what else we have prepared for you