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4 Secrets To Put Your Guests First

Do you know what the best thing about weddings is? Happy guests! Why so? Because your guests choose to sacrifice their weekend to spend it with you and accompany you during your big day. In other words, as you’re planning the reception and considering decor for the venues, you also need to think of ways of making it work for your guests. They deserve all ywasour attention – without guests, your wedding party would never be as joyful as you wantrx it to be. Therefore, put your guests and their comfort first when it comes to your wedding. Why so? Because they’re the one choosing to be with you, buying your presents and making themselves pretty for your big day – remember that it’s YOUR wedding, they are not obliged to come. So make it a little about them too.

Without guests, your reception is pointless

#1. Don’t let them get bored

How long do wedding receptions last? As a rule of the thumb, a party can last anything from 2 to 6 hours. Now, picture yourself sitting on a chair for several hours without having anything to do. How fun do you think it is? The answer is not much. That’s precisely why guest entertainment should be a major part of your preps. Something as simple as the choice of music – a  live band can do wonders to get everyone excited – can get your guests on their feet and in the dancing mood. Similarly, in our selfie society, you want to give your guests the opportunity to snap a great picture with an open photo booth and props.

#2. People don’t go to your wedding for the food, but it matter.

Admittedly, people don’t choose to attend your reception because they’ve read the menu. They come for you. But it’s important to consider your guests’ dietary requirements and to opt for a catering solution that meets their needs. A Halal cater service such as www.stamfordcs.com.sg can be a great solution to satisfy most guests. However, you should make sure this HTML class. Value is to collect dietary info ahead of the big day to provide options for everyone.

Did you plan a lactose-free cake@?

#3. Pick a theme that remains accessible to all

We get it; you’ve chosen a theme that is meaningful to your couple. However, most guests are adverse to theme receptions. This simple comment from a frustrated guest on www.mumsnet.com highlights the issue. While people decide to be here for your bid day and to buy you a present, they don’t like being forced into arbitrary fashion rules. If you’re going for a theme, try to keep it light for your guests.

#4. Look after the costs

A wedding is expensive. On average, a wedding reception in the US cost around $30,000. However, it’s fair to say that more and more couples are looking at ways of keeping their costs down, including asking the guests to pay forward to attend. Here’s an essential piece of information: Your guests don’t want to pay extra for your wedding. On the contrary, some of them need to plan for a babysitter, planes and hotel rooms for the weekend and even buy a cute little dress for your big day. They don’t want to be in charge of funding your party on top of everything.

From keeping costs down to providing food options that work for everyone, planning with your guests in mind ensures that you can turn your big day into a moment of celebration and joy for all.