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5 Occasions Where It’s Appropriate to Give Pink Roses

Roses are among the most popular flowers given as gifts, representing purity, passion, and affection. But did you know that different colored roses have different meanings?

Everyone knows that red roses stand for passion and true love, but it is less well-known that in Victorian times, yellow roses used to symbolize jealousy. Yellow roses now more commonly represent friendship and joy.

The pink rose, famous for its delicate beauty and exquisite scent, is a perfect choice of gift for all occasions. Every shade of pink rose has a subtly different meaning. But what are the best occasions to give pink roses?

Read on to learn more, not only to avoid making a flower faux pas, but also to ensure that you choose the perfect pink rose to match each occasion.

All About Pink Roses

Pink roses are the rose variety most commonly found in the wild and were the first color of rose to be cultivated. Traces of pink roses have been found in fossils dating back 40 million years, and there is also evidence that pink roses were grown in China’s Imperial Gardens 5000 years ago.

Many historical works of art depict roses in varying hues from pale pink to deep crimson. Sharing a pink rose gift with a loved one is a timeless way to show affection, admiration and gratitude. Find out more here about the different varieties of pink rose available.

Here’s a list of five perfect occasions for gifting pink roses, for the important people in your life:

1. Thank You Gift

Roses of a deep hot pink or fuchsia hue symbolize gratitude and appreciation. So a pink rose of this shade would be the perfect gift of thanks to a close friend, perhaps in recognition of something they’ve done to help you, or just as a thank you for being a great friend.

2. Bereavement

Pastel roses can express sympathy. The gentle beauty of the pink rose lends itself perfectly to a delicate bouquet that could offer solace and comfort to someone recently bereaved.

3. A Joyful Celebration

Bright pink roses symbolize congratulations, joy and happiness. This makes them the perfect gift to mark a joyous occasion such as a wedding, a special birthday or anniversary, or the birth of a baby girl.

4. A Gesture of Admiration

Pink roses have elegance, refinement and sophistication, making them the perfect gift of appreciation and respect, perhaps for an older female relative or a mentor. Light pink roses, in particular, symbolize admiration, making them an appropriate option for gifting occasion.

5. A Blossoming Romance

Pale pink roses are the ideal choice to show an admiration that hasn’t yet proceeded to the passion represented by crimson red roses. A bouquet of beautiful pink roses could be a great choice when red roses would be too intense, but when the giver wants to display enthusiasm for a blossoming romance.

Occasions for a Pink Rose Gift

There are many occasions for pink roses to be given, whether you want to declare your feelings in a new romance, send something to cheer up your best friend, or offer a gift of thanks to a colleague or family member. Whatever the situation, pink roses are a versatile gift option and sure to be a perfect choice.

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