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A Simple Wedding That Doesn’t Break The Bank

Did you know that on average, American couples spend around $30,000 on their wedding? That’s about the price of a brand new car. It’s also fair to say that for a lot of people, the cost of the wedding opens the door to debts and years of repayments that can be difficult to maintain. In other words, getting married doesn’t come for free. However, it doesn’t have to break the bank. Contrary to the common belief, you can get married at a lower cost, and still have a fantastic experience. Getting married with a strict budget doesn’t mean you can’t indulge here and there. Believe it or not, but you can make your wedding day feel like a million dollars without incurring crippling debts.

A Simple Wedding That Doesn't Break The Bank

Sew your wedding dress

Back to basics

Does it need reminding? Getting married is not about taking your guests’ breathe away with an expensive display of flowers, food, and services. Getting married is an act of love. It’s the promise you make to each other to be there for the other and to be supportive and caring. As it happens, the bond, the commitment to the relationship and the love you share don’t need an expensive bill to exist. Consequently, you can opt for cost-effective options without affecting the magic of the moment. A rustic wedding that keeps it simple and straightforward can be just as beautiful as a fancy one. More importantly, with a rustic theme, you can afford to indulge a little without going over your budget.

Something borrowed, something old, something new, something blue

If you’re looking for something that can make you feel like a princess on the big day and that fits your budget, have a look for a hired car. http://www.vintageandclassiccarhire.com.au/nsw-blue-mountains/ Hiring a vintage vehicle – especially if you stick to the wedding tradition – can be your something old, new, borrowed and blue. If you work closely with car transport companies, you can ensure that the vehicle will be returned with low mileage and can be transported safely to your wedding location. This saves you a lot of insurance costs!

A simple and pleasant buffet

What is the main characteristic of the simple wedding? A simple and delicious meal! Who needs lobsters and caviar when you can get everyone together with a rustic picnic like buffet? Ultimately, a lot of guests feel uncomfortable trying to eat fancy food in front of each other. You can keep things more convivial with a simple meal that is unlikely to cause dramatic stains! Cold buffets, with cheese and platters, are also popular. As a decor, most guests respond positively to a simple farm table setting.

The perfect dress for your budget

How much does a bridal gown cost? The answer is a lot! However, you can keep the costs down without losing any of the sensations by making your own dress. Sewing is a popular hobby so that you can find a lot of accessible patterns and tutorials online. All you need to do is to start early enough!

Can you have all the fun of an expensive wedding without any of the faff? Yes, you can if you get your priorities right from the start. A simple wedding can prove romantic and beautiful… and it doesn’t drag your finances into the red!