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Exploring Effective Ideas to Help You Donate Stuff You Don’t Need

With changing seasons, you may find more items to add to your donations basket. Be it clothes, toys, books or any other unused items, there’s no point having them lying around carelessly. You can donate them to a charitable organization, who can then sell them away to support the education and employment training expenses of poor people. 

Every one of us owes that much to our community, right? So here’s a list of unused things you didn’t know you could donate so that they come of some use. 

Socks, gloves, and boots

Do you have extra pairs of warm socks and gloves? These can be bought second hand, provided they are in proper condition. If you also have a pair of winter boots you no longer wear, as it’s out of fashion, try donating that too. The boots, woolen socks and gloves combined will fetch good prices, helping the charities function better in achieving their goals. 

Halloween Costumes

Some Halloween costumes are crafted by you, while some are bought from the market, but none of them will be repeated in the following years. If you aren’t emotionally attached to any of them, there’s no point piling them up. Donate them a few months before Halloween, so that others can buy them at the best prices. 

Unused bicycles

Exploring Effective Ideas to Help You Donate Stuff You Don’t Need

You shouldn’t let your high-school cycle lie in the garage, growing rust over it. Wash it, clean it and take it along to drop off donations at the nearby charitable center. Give it away too and return home with a heavy burden lifted off your chest. If the bike is in good condition, it will be sold at a good price. 

Electrical appliances

The appliances that are running for years should be replaced with new ones to improve energy efficiency. But what should you do with the old appliances that are still active? You can donate them to a charity, of course. If they are well-maintained with fewer flaws, rest assured the selling prices will be higher than the ones turned into scrap. 

Not-too-old electronic devices

The funniest thing about electronics is they get too old too soon. Whenever a new model comes into the market, we lose interest in our existing gadgets and seek to replace them. And when we do replace them, the old ones end up in the corner of a drawer and turn ineffective eventually. 

We shouldn’t let that happen. If they still have some years in them, we should donate them as soon as possible. You should keep in mind that unused mobiles don’t last long and their batteries die. Donate them before the prices drop because of non-functionality. 


Keeping old books in the house is a millennial tradition, but the Gen Z population may not feel the need to do so. They may want to fill that space with other important things. So why keep them lying around, unwanted? Pack them up in boxes and donate them. At least someone else will be able to read them before the pages turn yellow and brittle. 

Sometimes, you should also donate household items to reduce clutter in your life. Now if your casual decision makes your poor neighbor’s life better, why not take that chance? 

Keep donating and contributing to the community!

*image credits:  pexes.com

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