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Forget Melbourne and Sydney, Adelaide Is the Place to Live

You often hear people say they would likely move to Sydney or Melbourne for work, school or permanent residency; but Adelaide almost never comes up. Despite not being as popular as the aforementioned cities, Adelaide may just be the best place to live. Here are a few reasons why.

Affordable city

Let’s start with what’s important: can you live in Adelaide on a strict budget? The answer is yes, Adelaide is an affordable city to live in. If you are an international student or an employee from overseas, this city offers budget-friendly rent prices compared with other major cities. According to a report made by Student.com, the cost of living is 21% less than Melbourne and 23% less than in Sydney.


Adelaide is known to be the city for academics. There are a lot of opportunities to study and work with some of the brightest in the fields of health, biotechnology, agriculture, data and information, arts, and other industries. The top universities in Adelaide include University of Adelaide, Flinder University, and the University of South Australia, all of which made in the QS World University Rankings.

Easy commute

There are inner city trams through Adelaide’s CBD, which gives the city a very quaint village vibe. Most of its transportation services are free, including the buses. This means you can commute to and from school or work, and also tour the city affordably and conveniently.

You may also use a bicycle since these are free to use around the CBD. Not only is this another cost-effective option at getting around Adelaide, but it is also definitely healthier and more eco-friendly. It is also especially helpful if you need to weave through traffic.

Beach within CBD

It only takes locals 20 minutes to get to Henley Beach, but that isn’t enough for someone who needs to destress and unwind. This is why Adelaide’s first urban beach was made at Pinky Flats right on the banks of River Torrens. It is an accessible hangout venue you can easily go to right after work. Entry to this man-made beach is free, and countless activities and entertainment, and dining options are on offer.

Laid-back city

If you’ve been to Sydney or Melbourne, you’ll definitely notice the stark difference in the city vibe. While Adelaide enjoys all the benefits of a bustling city, it is still pretty much a casual, laid-back setting. It will be easy for you to zone out and step back from busy Adelaide.

Laudable community

When you’re house hunting, whether to rent or to own, Adelaide offers neighborhoods with conveniences within arms’ reach. For instance, Lendlease communities in Adelaide like Blake Crossing is a master planned community that provides residents with direct access to the CBD and is just a few minutes away from medical facilities, shopping districts, and schools. These are benefits that you find in most communities in Adelaide, unlike big busy cities where activity is concentrated in small packet areas.

So before you decide on staying in Sydney or Melbourne, explore Adelaide first. You might find the city’s charm more to your liking.