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French Doors Vs. Sliding Doors

Selecting the right door can completely transform both the inside and outside of your home, and if you’re thinking about a replacement to up your curb appeal and home value, the first question to ask yourself is probably the easiest question and will ultimately define what door style you choose — do you want the door to swing or slide?


Both swinging and sliding doors are very popular choices, and of course, each option comes with its own set of pros and cons. That’s why you need to consider the following when it comes to making your choice.

French Doors

French doors, also known as double doors, can completely transform your home. Their simple, elegant finish allows natural light to enter your home while providing a view of the outdoors. Large, bright French doors help bridge the indoor and outdoor space with the transparency through the panels. French doors are also very functional.


Because they are double doors, they both can open at the same time, providing a wide opening to the home. This can be very convenient for taking large items in and out as well as when entertaining. French doors are also built to be very durable for the wear and tear of everyday use. The standard glass of a French door is typically energy-efficient and hurricane-grade, making it more difficult to cause damage during extreme weather. They are also secure against intruders.

French Doors Vs. Sliding Doors

Where there are many benefits of having French doors in your home, there are a few aspects you must take into consideration before purchasing. Because the doors swing open, rather than slide, they require more floor space. This is something to consider when choosing furniture as well since there must be space in that area to ensure both doors can completely open.


While French Doors may be low maintenance, they traditionally may require add-on features. This includes particular hardware that can be more difficult to replace if damaged. Finally, with a higher quality door often comes a higher price tag. This includes the door system and any add-ons the doors may require.

Sliding Doors

If you are looking for a bright, uninterrupted view of the outdoor space, then sliding doors might be the door for you. As the experts at Centennial Windows & Doors tell us, sliding doors take up very little space, sliding doors are the perfect choice when space is an issue in your home.


This entry system is ideal for rooms with lots of furniture, making it easy to move furniture and large items in and out, and is perfect for those who love gardening or landscaping. Sliding doors are extremely low maintenance, easy to clean, and upkeep is simple — keep your door smoothly gliding in the frame. New sliding doors are also extremely energy efficient. They will keep the cold air in during the summer months and the warm air in during the winter.


It’s also important to be aware of the cons of installing sliding patio doors in your home. Purchasing new, energy-efficient doors is extremely important as older and out-of-date sliding glass doors can leak, ultimately costing you more to heat and cool your home. If the glass was to ever become damaged, the whole door would have to be replaced, as you cannot simply repair a small part of the glass.


Choosing a door style can be difficult, but understanding both the pros and cons of certain styles will help you customize. Doors reflect who you are, allow you to express your style, and can help define the overall vibe of your home, so make sure you know all of your options before you choose.