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How A Solopreneur Can Compete In Such A Fast Paced Business World

A solopreneur has a pretty unique challenge on their plate. Not only are they alone in trying to build a business, they only have 24 hours in a day to make something successful happen. In the current incredibly fast paced business world, that feels next to impossible! 

However, so many solopreneurs have found success before. Surely that means a solo owned business still stands a chance? We think so, and you could even be the next person to turn a good profit while working alone.  

Contract Freelancers

If you don’t have time to make social media posts, hire a freelance content creator. If you don’t have time to write as many blog posts as you want, hire a freelance content creator. If you don’t have the energy to design a logo for your website, well, you get the message! 

Solopreneurs don’t have employees to rely on, but a freelancer is an independent contractor. You don’t need to pay them a benefits package, or ensure they’ve got enough shifts per week. You just need to pay their fee as and when you commission work. 

Automate Customer Service Enquiries

It’s best to handle customer service issues on a first hand, personal basis. However, you’re not going to have enough time to both take down someone’s issue and then resolve it on the other side as well. That’s where automating part of the process comes in. 

Look into the best live chat software for business and incorporate it into your website. If a customer can instantly send a message, you can get back to it at a time that suits you, and it works for everyone! Just make sure you respond to the message within 24 hours. 

Check Emails Twice a Day

Spend a lot of time in your inbox? That’s not good for you. If you’re constantly chasing up emails or spending 6 hours a day sending out new leads, you’re going to lose time elsewhere. That’s not productive! 

So, only check your emails twice a day. Doing so may cause a lot of anxiety, but you should give it a try. Check in the morning when you first get to work, and then at some other point later on in the day. Most people make their second check before logging off for the evening.

Never Skimp on a Break

If you want to get more done in a day, you should just work through your lunch, right? Absolutely not. You need to take a break to make sure you get back to your desk with more energy and a fresh point of view. 

You can’t edit that press release with the same eyes you used to write it! Take your time away and come back with a different head on; it’ll guarantee you put out much better content that’ll get a lot more traction from your audience. 

If you’re a solopreneur, don’t lose hope. Choose quality over quantity, install automation tools, and make some useful freelance connections. 

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