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How To Design Your Kitchen Island With Legs


People often forget an essential part of a kitchen island- its legs. The good news is that your customization designs can extend even up to the legs of your kitchen tables and countertops. You can style kitchen island legs to match your home decor styles in several ways, whether round or square, freestanding or still-put, flat or small, the right detailing for your kitchen need not be a daunting task. 

 The essential function of tabletop stands is the airy feel to them. The island above the floor can make the room more open and spacious, a requirement for small-scaled homes. Apart from such utility benefits, you can also turn the tables to your advantage by styling them how you feel best. Here are a few design ideas below to get you started:

 Semi-Recessed Square Legs

These designs revolve around panel projection while still retaining space under the table. The panel is responsible for giving the island a dimensional look and making it stand out in the kitchen. This design uses square wooden legs that imitate pilaster columns. Make sure the recessed panels are around 1/4th of an inch to 1 inch; anything more than that can defeat the purpose of these stands.  

 The catch of this design lies in the door compatibility. It leaves enough room for customization while retaining its essence. The island is kicked up a notch through depth through these details. You can use a stone countertop design with profile edging to match the projection of the stands. 

Ocean Blue Kitchen Island Legs 

It is the perfect design for an ocean blue aesthetic household. Not only does the countertop mimic the skyline prefecture, but having these island stands can complement the theme of your home. Match them up with a marble aesthetic countertop design with an oceanic blue and spacious luxury. Use white, gray, and other pastel colors for a relaxed feel.  

You can use a blue beadboard design to enhance this look’s feel. By making the table have a wood-like stain appearance, you can make an illusion of space with hanging blue lights. Position the table in front of open cabinet panels. 

Dark Gray Table 

With this design, your kitchen island can also act as a table! Gray kitchen island countertop designs elevate height and give your dining room a resto-bar feel. You can make use of cross-bar kitchen island legs with stools made of wood for the seating. By fixing a rack for your dining room, you increase its functionality with towel storage.  

Rustic Design

This design took the inspiration of a farmhouse barn appeal by making use of ceiling beams. Not only do they enhance the height of your dining room, but they also use durable whitewash stools with a recessed panel.  

If whitewashing is not your style, you can always use the wooden legs for the stool with white cushions as an alternative. Alternatively, you can replace the rustic design with a combination of black and beige. For a final touch, use pendant lights as an ambiance tool. 

Kitchen Island Breakfast Bar

Breakfast is vital for the day- why not implement this in your kitchen? The dining room breakfast bar space is established to cater to breakfast food lovers. Not only does it stamp a bright morning ambiance, but it can also be used as a bar with little tweaks to color. 

 This design makes use of whitewashed stools with a rattan-styled line-up. By incorporating high-wooden seats, this appearance matches the bar appeal you can find in restaurants. For the final touch, use pendant lights or hanging lanterns for the best atmosphere. 


How To Design Your Kitchen Island With Legs

Homeowners don’t often realize the kitchen island’s potential in terms of style and functionality. Not only can it be incorporated as a table, but the customization of the table legs can also worship the ambiance and add a new level to the dining experience.  

You can make it look more dynamic and aesthetic with a wide range of wooden legs available at reputable online websites. Your kitchen is no more just a place for cooking but also the potential for dining and entertainment. The above designs cater precisely to that.

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