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How To Plan Your College Admissions

Choosing a college is a very important decision in one’s life. It is about finding a college that is suitable for you and that helps you in building a career for yourself. A college has to be an environment that helps you grow academically, physically, emotionally and helps you in building a personality and individuality. Your college years could potentially be the most important years that help in shaping your future. 

Just how you have certain expectations from your college, so does your college have from you. Therefore while you are applying for a prospective college you need to stand all of those expectations. It will enable you to get a college of your choice and the college to get a student that has potential and will. 

Before starting your college life multiple steps come in between while you are in the process of applying to colleges. Here are a few of those steps:

Decide Your Field

The very first step to deciding on a college is to choose the field of your interest. Before finalizing a college, what is important is to know what you want to do and what your interest and your expectations are. You should have done enough research about your field and the scope that it holds in the future before making a decision.

While it is also advisable to keep your options open and to have more than one field to decide from, it is always better to have your goal fixed. Only when you know what you want to study further can you decide on a suitable college and a consequent career. Research about the courses that are available in the field of your interest. It is after you decide what you have to do, comes the second step of finding the college that offers your course.

Keep your options open

After having decided on what course you want to do and what field you want to pursue, comes the option of deciding on a college. Now multiple factors need to be considered to answer the important question ‘how to get into college?’. The very first is of course you are in an area of interest followed by your grades or GPA. You will only get the college of your choice if you happen to match the cutoff of that college. Therefore it is also important to choose your favorite subject while you are in high school and to give your best to get a good score. 

Another important thing to do while you are deciding on a college is to keep your options open and to have 3 to 4 colleges as a backup. While you should always shoot your best shot it might be possible that your marks do not match with the college’s cutoff. In such cases, it is advisable to have your applications from other colleges also ready so that you do not run out of time. It is always better to be on the safe side.

Long Term Finance Planning

Getting enrolled in a college, paying the fees, getting all the documents ready, etc requires a certain amount of finance that needs to be with you to get completed with the process smoothly. Therefore, it is important to be financially stable and to do financial planning before you set out for college. You should also educate yourself on how financial aid works. 

There are schemes like Free Application for Federal Students (FAFSA), CSS Profile for non-federal aid, grants and scholarships, federal work-study, student loans, etc. 

Plenty of outside organizations also offer scholarships to students. You should always be alert enough to keep a check on all these schemes and scholarships that are designed for the aid of students and can help them financially in the long term.

Keep Yourself Updated With the Schedule

Even if you happen to find the course of your choice in the college of your choice and you also meet the required cut-off but you happen to miss the date of application, all of your efforts will be fruitless. Deferring what is extremely important while applying for a college is to keep yourself updated with the notifications and the schedule. It is important to know the date of application, the date of the cut-off announcement, the date of the result announcement, etc. so that you are on time with the process.

The complete process will go in vain if you happen to miss out on even a single important date. You must go through all the notifications sent out by your college thoroughly so that you do not miss out on any important document when you go out to apply. Carelessness leads to high chances of getting rejected, therefore, it is very important to be vigilant on your part.

Work Enough On Your Application

An application is a very important part of getting admitted into a college. You should be cautious when you set out to apply to a college. Transcripts, score reports, letters of recommendation, and application essays are all an important part of your application and should only be submitted after you are completely sure and confident in your application. You should also keep a check on the particular requirements of each school that you are going to apply to so that you do not miss out on important things. 

You should be ready for a personal interview with the college authority and should do enough research and study about your application essay while writing it. Getting into a good college is an important step in shaping your future. meticulous attention and dedication should be given while you are working for the same. Make sure you understand the topic of the essay before writing it. Your application should be a true representative of your willingness to get into the college and of your personality and should be able to impress the authorities. 


As already mentioned, the use of your college is potentially the most important year of your life and therefore you should try your best to make them perfect. It is important to work hard right from the beginning and to follow all the important steps involving the admission process.