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I’ve traded scrubs for relaxation as a retired nurse, soaking up the Southern charm in Georgia and living my ultimate life! With my furry friends by my side, I’m not just a tiny house dweller – I’m a tiny house enthusiast, blogging my heart out along the way!

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Learning On The Go

Are you someone who loves to learn about the world around you? Maybe you find it hard to sit down and focus, and need something stimulating on your mind to make sure you’re taking in the information around you? Maybe you’re just sick of how rigid the system seems to be, and you’re looking for a way around it?

When you’ve had a whole season of freedom on your hands, and you know you’ve got some responsibilities to get back to once you’ve sated your wanderlust, you can feel a bit blue about returning to that sense of normality a lot of people crave. But all in all, there’s some ways around it, as long as you find the time to look into them.

So here’s a couple of ways you can learn whilst you’re still on the go, and still end up with just as an enriched a knowledge as anyone sitting down in a formalised academic setting.


Pay Attention

Learning on the go often requires you to pay more attention to your environment than anyone else, considering the amount of real world experience you’re trying to enrich your life with whilst on your travels.

And that’s something indispensable when it comes to returning home again. You’ve got all kinds of new people to contact and continue getting to know, you’ve got photos of landmarks both on and off the beaten track, and you can feel a lot more cultured after seeing some historic temples up close, or stopping to respect some local shrines on street corners.

Use Your Phone

We use our phones a lot when we’re travelling, to make sure we’re going the right way or to translate some language phrases we don’t know off by heart. Because of this, you should download some apps to your phone that’ll keep your studying habit off, and make those long airplane journeys go a lot smoother.

If your pack a battery pack in your bag as well, you’ll be able to double the functionality of your phone, so those aforementioned apps won’t drain too much battery power, just in case of an emergency.

As Long as You Have Wifi, You’re Fine

If you’re someone who likes to spend a lot of time online, whether you’re updating your blog or connecting with friends all around the world via social media, make sure you’re using this time to pay attention to your studies as well. You see, in the modern day and age, learning is easier than ever, thanks to the constant accessibility you’ll have as long as you’ve got a wifi signal.

And when there’s degree programs like that of a family nurse practitioner to be found on the web, you know you can do all levels of learning here, from the comfort of whatever hostel or hotel you’re currently sitting in.

Learning on the go is a lot easier than you maybe first thought, and it’s a very practical way of living. Be sure to give it a try.