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Leiebil No 1 Car Rental Service in Norway

Travelling can be a lot of fun, and if you have been indoors too long or cranked up with work, you surely want to go outdoors. While you could take a walk across town, go hiking in the nearby city, or hang out with friends at the beach, nothing beats exploring a new city. 

Are you planning to visit Norway anytime soon? You indeed are in for a lot of fun activities. With many people looking to get their groove on this summer, now may be the best time to start packing your bags. But as with any trip, you want to ensure you are fully prepared. And for those planning to visit Norway this season, you will find here all you need to have the best moments.

Visiting Norway for the First Time

If you haven’t been to Norway before, it’s never too late. The Scandinavian country is surrounded by mountains, glaciers, and fjords that run deep into the coastal waters. The capital Oslo is home to many sporting activities, with many of the residents themselves active outdoor enthusiasts. So there is a good chance that you will need to catch up on the fun activities as soon as you arrive. 

The standard outdoor activities here include hiking the adventurous terrains and fishing or skiing across the water and icy plains. But you can be sure many other side attractions draw tourists to the country all year round. More than often, visitors are amazed by the natural elements this Nordic country has to offer. 

With a small population of over 5 million, it has won the award numerous times for the best place to visit, making one wonder. What’s this small country with a population the size of New York has to offer? Well, for New Yorkers, a lot. 

But the fact remains that the landmass has many tourist attractions that are not common in other parts of the world. And for a country that has been the set location for many adventurous movies, there is no doubt that you will be in for an adventure. 

Before I let you in on how to find a car hire service when you arrive, let’s quickly talk about places to visit and fun things to do when in Norway. 

Fun Things to Do and Places to Visit in Norway

Leiebil No 1 Car Rental Service in Norway

As soon as you arrive at the airport or through any of the border countries, you will undoubtedly be welcomed by the cold weather typical in the region. So it helps if you pack your sweater if you are coming in from warm climates. And as soon as you are settled in your accommodation, you could quickly change and get started with your adventure. 

There are many fun things to do for kids, adults, couples, dudes, and the entire family. No one would be left out, including the pets. So when it comes to having a good time on your visit to Norway, below are some of the fun things that await you. 

Explore the Outdoors 

With an extensive combination of steep rock formations and natural vegetation, you surely want to start by exploring your backyard. And it doesn’t matter if you book your lodge close to the city or away from it. Finding a natural enclave to get lost in is only a few steps away. 

Leiebil No 1 Car Rental Service in Norway
Some of the things you can explore outside include hiking across the terrains anywhere you are. There are a lot of them around. So it shouldn’t be hard to find. There is a breakdown here of all the fun places you should see when you arrive. 

Arriving in Norway 

You will likely need to fly in if you are coming in from outside the EU, as neighbors in nearby countries may only need to get on a train or drive their cars. But if you will be taking a long flight from abroad, you want to ensure that you plan to have the time of your life. Preparation is key to making the best of your journey. But whether you plan to have fun or not, you want to prepare for your trip. 

For starters, you want to pack everything you need. Outdoor clothes and shoes with steady soles are suitable for hiking the terrains. You also want to have your head warmers if you will be arriving in cold months. Lastly, you want to ensure that you book your hotel stay or accommodation and get your tickets. Another thing you may want to consider is renting a car for when you arrive. 

Finding a Car Hire Service in Norway

You can be sure to find many of them around as they are different services available to cater to the many tourist and residents of the area. You want to start by reviewing some of the businesses online that provide car rental services in the region. It could be as simple as using the internet to do your research to find options that you can work with. 

It is also possible that you can hold off until you arrive in town before looking for transportation. But if you ask me, the sooner, the better. You can find out from https://goautos.no/leiebil/ how much it would cost you to hire your preferred car, and all you need to lock the deal when you arrive.

What to Note 

If you plan to drive a rental car in Norway, you want to have your driver’s license. Most rental services would accept a driver’s license from any country, provided that it is valid. Others may only serve EU member countries. But it doesn’t matter where you are coming from; you can find a service that meets your needs. 

You should also be familiar with the traffic rules in Norway. Here, you drive on the right side of the road, with most lanes narrowing as they go making it easy to learn the routes. But you have nothing to worry about if you are a tourist.

Many of the cars for hire are equipped with GPS making it easy for you to navigate your way around. The likelihood of losing your way is slim. But if you do, there are always friendly locals willing to help you get back on track.

It is your responsibility to maintain the car while it is in your care. While most of the companies operating in this industry are covered by insurance, you could be fined a heavy bill if the vehicle is damaged on your care. So you want to be careful when you use rental cars.

Leiebil No 1 Car Rental Service in Norway
Choosing the Right Vehicle

You can find different categories of automobiles available with the common ones regular sedans that are easy to get around in. It is also possible to find a luxury car for hire in Norway if you want to steal the show. The best thing is to stick with one that matches your budget so you can be able to spend your money on other daunting adventures. And trust me, a lot is waiting in store for you.

Another thing is to make sure that the owners provide comprehensive insurance to cover any minor dents or scratches while in your care. But it is also possible to have a dedicated driver take you wherever you want to go out. This is usually in hotel rental services that you may have to settle for the day’s trip.

The size of the car you choose will depend on your finances and whether you are traveling with company. If you are coming with the family, it could work if you get an SUV, and if you plan on hitting the countryside this time, a jeep with all-terrain tires may just be it.

Staying Safe When You Drive

It is your utmost responsibility to follow all the traffic rules in your city and when you travel. While it will be a good idea to be a bit laid back during your vacation, you might want to sit up while driving in a rented car. And this is especially if you are not interested in spending more than you already budgeted for your trip. Remember to use your seat belts, have the kids seated at the back, confirm your visor is well aligned, and drive to the closest adventure spot that you can find.

Final Note

With more than 9 million tourists to the country annually, it is safe to say that you don’t want to be left out of the fun. Remember to plan your trip before you arrive in Norway and budget for car rental services that provides insurance if you will be driving yourself.