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Let Me Upgrade You: Customizing with the Right Boat Theme

Nearly 12 million recreational boats were registered for use in 2017. Are you part of the cool crew?

If so, you likely know the desire to keep your boat’s appearance fresh and attractive. Even for creative people, doing this can be difficult

Looking for some ideas on updating your boat theme, but unsure where to start? Keep reading below for a list of items that will let you change up your boat’s appearance in no time!

Fresh Paint Job

One of the most impactful steps you can take for your boat is giving it a new paint job. Even a careful captain will acquire dings and scratches. Old paint jobs will also be very faded.

To breathe new life into your boat with paint, you need to prepare properly. Research the best

Make sure to keep up with cleaning or else your new paint job won’t have a long life.

While you have your boat out of water for a paint job, consider upgrading your propeller too! Learn more here about getting the best propellers for you and your boat.

Update Upholstery for Your Boat Theme

In addition to paint jobs, wear and tear will be very evident on your seating fabrics. Stains, dirt, and tears are all common due to people, food, birds, and sea critters.

Quality upholstery will last with regular cleaning and care, but you eventually will want to replace it.

Think about what you want your boat theme to look like. Want a minimalist, chic style? White is an awesome choice, just be prepared for constant cleaning.

Feeling a little more adventures? Consider a bright chevron or animal print. And while you are at it, consider adding an awning to provide shade on those sunny days. This is important as not protecting your skin from the sun is one of the biggest skin care mistakes

Light It Up

Looking to create some ambiance? No matter the size of your boat, consider taking notes from yachts and install some recessed lighting. Good areas include under counters, below seats, and around speakers.

You could also get creative with LED lights. These come in strips that you could string alone awnings and railings.

Time to Jam Out

Just because you leave the shoreline doesn’t mean you have to leave your dancing shoes behind.

If you’re looking to make an impact that your family and friends will love, consider investing in a stereo system designed for boats. They will be resistant to both salt and water.

Stock up on a few portable chargers too in order to keep the party going.

Time to Show Off Your Upgraded Boat

Deciding what boat upgrades to make can be overwhelming, but hopefully, you now have a few great ideas to get you started with a new boat theme.

Whether you start with a fresh coat of paint or a sound system to bump some tunes, you won’t regret it.

What will you do first to your boat? Let us know in the comments!