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Mixing Pet Food: Things You Should Know To Create A Balanced Diet

Though there is no hard-and-fast rule for how often a dog should eat, the UK veterinarians generally advise feeding your furry buddy at least twice a day. 

You should also know that what you feed your pets is as essential as how often you feed them. 

A nutritious and well-balanced diet is essential for their overall health. But sometimes, dogs get bored of their food, which results in loss of appetite. It need not be some serious issue; still, you should consult the vet to diagnose any underlying medical condition. 

Nonetheless, to encourage their pets to start eating again, many pet owners in the UK mix different types of pet foods. But, before you try the same technique, you need to learn about a few things. 

So, let’s begin! 

  • Always consult the vet before changing the diet plan

Many pet meals are created to cater to a certain life stage, lifestyle, and, in some cases, health condition. Mixing foods at random without taking this into account might harm your pet. For instance, they may gain extra weight, consume specific vitamins and minerals, and so on. So, instead of guessing what might or might not be good for your furry friends- consult your veterinarian.

  • Mix different shapes, textures and aromas of food

Did you know that shape, texture, and smell are three of the most essential aspects of pet food? A mixture of these elements in a bowl will surely lure your doggies to eat it. Therefore, when preparing a mixed diet, make sure to include a variety of foods with unique shapes, textures, and aromas. 

For example, you can get high-quality Frozen Raw Dog Food in the UK (make sure it is based on the BARF diet) and mix it with kibble. It will also ensure that they get proper nutrition. You might be amazed to learn how much your doggies enjoy their new diet.

  • Focus on increasing the moisture content of the food

Increasing the moisture content of the food makes it more inviting. Moreover, it also helps in enhancing the overall flavours of the food. Therefore, you should give it a try. To do so, you can mix canned and dry food. Nonetheless, you might need to consult the vet to learn about the proper wet and dry food ratio in the diet. 

Likewise, you can consider adding water to dry kibble. It will also ensure that your pets are not dehydrated. 

  • DO NOT mix the therapeutic diet with anything.

Therapeutic diets are designed to prevent or postpone the emergence of a variety of chronic diseases. Therefore, you should never add anything to a therapeutic diet. In case you want to, you must consult your veterinarian first. Otherwise, it may have the inevitable effect of diluting the precise formulation. As a result, neutralizing the advantages intended for your pet.

Wrapping it up!

When mixing food, you must keep all the things mentioned above in your mind. Also, remember that if your pets have some medical or dietary issues, it is better to consult the veterinarian before feeding anything to them.