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Must-Visit Locations for Beginner Cyclists

What other way to see the world than being on your bicycle! Riding a bike while appreciating beautiful scenery is the thrill of cycling. Irrespective of your destination, quiet urban streets, or beautiful countryside towns, riding a bike would bring you to beautiful places.

As a beginner cyclist, you can choose from a variety of locations. These locations sometimes cover a country with its beautiful sceneries. 

Depending on your preference, you can stray from the tourist trail and move at your pace. However, ensure that you are up for the journey before choosing desirable destinations to bike around.

If you are undecided about cycling locations that you can visit, here are some must-visit locations that are best suited to beginner cyclists:

  • Amsterdam – Netherland

Amsterdam, Netherland, is one of the cycling destinations for beginners in Europe. As a bike-friendly city, inexperienced cyclists are welcomed to move around and experience its scenery advantages. With its segregated cycle paths, cycling in the Netherlands can be fun, especially from Amsterdam to Bruges. 

  • Puglia – Italy

Another must-visit location for every beginner cyclist is Puglia, Italy. This location is home to cycling vacations and bike tours. Again, you can decide your trip type based on your experience, beginner or advanced. 

Added are the stunning coastal trials that would make your cycling trip enjoyable. To top it off, these trails are pretty uncongested by tourists, so you won’t be alone during a ride. 

  • North Zealand – Denmark

As one of the best bike-friendly countries, Denmark is one of the must-visit locations for beginner cyclists. Denmark has about 12,000km cycle routes and other flat terrain cycling lanes in its cities. 

As a beginner cyclist, you can spend one week along the circular route called the Danish Riviera on your bicycle. But, you should know that this route ends in Copenhagen. 

However, if you cycle anticlockwise, you can pass through various nature reserves and lakes while skirting around Roskilde Fjord, Holbæk Fjord, before getting to Roskilde.

  • Siena – Italy

An iconic event for cyclers in Italy is the Strade Bianche. This early-season race runs through the white gravel roads and the surrounding region’s hills before getting to the finish line at Piazza del Campo. Riding this road leisurely as a beginner cyclist can provide you with so much fun.

  • Girona – Spain

To many cyclists, the quiet roads, good year-round weather, tour companies, mountainous view cycling resorts, and proximity to the Mediterranean coast found in Girona is why many cyclists call here home.

An attractive feature of Girona is the grand tour riders that are usually seen climbing the Rocacorba and the Els Angels. Furthermore, as a cycling destination for beginners, there are various heritages to discover when visiting museums or cathedrals and riding around the old city walls.

  • Travelers Rest – South Carolina, United States

Traveler’s Rest is fast becoming a place for cycling enthusiasts to visit. With The Blue Ridge Mountains, exquisitely scenic trails, quaint towns, and vineyards, riding on your bike while watching these sceneries as a beginner could be fun.

Final Thoughts 

For beginner cyclists, what matters is where to go and how long you would love to keep riding. Then, if you have the time, there are various places and routes that you can choose from.

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