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Operation ADORN – five ideas for a fashionable, glamorous living room!

Operation ADORN – five ideas for a fashionable, glamorous living room!

What can you do in five minutes? You can take a nap, sew a button, do a few dozen squats or… completely transform an interior you’ve grown to hate. Hard to believe? But it’s true! We will prove that such a transformation is entirely possible. Let operation ADORN commence! Below, you’ll find five ideas for a cheap, easy, fast, and effortless living room metamorphosis. Change a dull, boring interior into your home’s crown jewel… And all that thanks to one wall mural.

A like abstract, a modern-style living room

Operation ADORN – five ideas for a fashionable, glamorous living room!


Looking for wall mural ideas for living room to emphasize its modern character? Going abstract is the answer! In the words of Jackson Pollock, one of the most prominent artists of the American expressionism, the painting has a life of its own, and the artist only lets it come through. Abstract art is unobvious, undefined, unorganized, unguessed. It’s always out of context. It shows everything and nothing at the same time. Looking at the entangled mass of shapes, figures, lines, and splatters on the wall, one might ponder on the author’s intent when creating it. Is there a method in this madness? Such questions are very stimulating for our imagination. Perhaps there is a hidden meaning in this hodgepodge? There certainly is. And more than one at that. Abstract art is often a way of releasing pent-up emotions in an act of defiance against reality. And let’s not forget about the role of abstract murals in interiors.  “When chosen properly, a three-dimensional, surrealist decoration will make an interior more attractive, but also enlarge it visually”, explains a myloview expert.

D like dazzling, a living room full of glamour

Operation ADORN – five ideas for a fashionable, glamorous living room!

Do you remember the legendary TV series “Dynasty”? Millions of people all over the world followed the story of the Carrington family, watching with bated breath their lives full of splendor, luxury, and enormous mansions. Although it has been some time since the soap opera stopped airing, the interest in the dazzling chic of Hollywood hasn’t faltered. It’s just the opposite. Inspired by the Dream Factory, the glamour style is still becoming more and more popular every year. Do you enjoy it as well? Maybe it’s time for that refined luxury to find its way into your living room. Wall murals for living room which imitate marble or other precious materials can create a unique, superstar atmosphere in your interior. You can match them with upholstered and quilted furniture, crystal, and golden accessories. If you’re looking for other, less demanding themes, our collection features many different designs, including geometric patterns, flowers, silver, or female portraits.

O like oriental, a living room with Asian soul

Operation ADORN – five ideas for a fashionable, glamorous living room!

And what if you feel closer to the Far East than to Hollywood? Do you like ikebana? Are you fascinated by Buddhism? Do you dream about visiting a Tibetan shrine? Do you love travelling around Asia and learning about its culture? If so, don’t hide your passion! Express it in your interior! Your living room is the perfect place for that. Living room murals inspired by Chinese, Korean, Japanese, or Indian traditions can become a perfect cornerstone of your oriental arrangement.  The final effect will largely depend on the specific design you choose. The entire wall can gain a bold, expressive, and slightly extravagant character when decorated with a colorful mandala. But if you want to make the room calmer, a panoramic view of a mountain temple will be your best bet.

R like retro, a living room with history

Operation ADORN – five ideas for a fashionable, glamorous living room!


And how about an interior in the good old style? A nostalgic, yet interesting space, filled with the spirit of the 60s and the 70s. You can conjure up the past with a proper wall mural. The only question is: what kind of design can take your living room back in time into the golden era of the hippies? There are countless possibilities. Some people prefer melancholic landscapes, others choose geometric shapes, flowers, birds, world maps, famous landmarks, vehicles, or ornaments. However, the most important element of the retro-style is not the design, but the colors. All old-school wall decorations feature either expressive or pastel color schemes. The former is best suited for a manly interior. In contrast, living room murals which use soft, pastel hues of blue, pink, or purple are perfect for more feminine, romantic retro arrangements. “When arranging a retro-style space, you don’t have to limit yourself to just playing with colors. It’s always an interesting idea to experiment with various effects and techniques used in photography. For example, one might consider using a sepia picture. This effect can make even the most clichéd designs gain a completely new life”, says a myloview expert.

N like natural, a living room in harmony with the environment

Operation ADORN – five ideas for a fashionable, glamorous living room!

It’s no secret that the world of interior design often finds inspiration in nature. Of course, many natural materials are used to produce furniture and accessories. However, we shouldn’t underestimate the value of beautiful, picturesque landscapes. Fields, meadows, mountains, and forests can commonly be found on our walls in the form of wall murals. The thing that makes landscapes so special is their universal character. They are perfectly suitable for many different types of arrangements, such as rustic, eco, Scandinavian, or eclectic styles. “What’s more, you can also use them when arranging a minimalist living room to balance out the cold, austere, monochromatic colors”, suggests a myloview expert.

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