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Show your Wagging Tails Some Love with Cute Pet Dresses

Animal lovers are in absolute love with puppies. And, why won’t anybody be? They’re tiny, playful, adorable, affectionate little beings that everyone likes to carry everywhere. Resisting a puppy is hard. Perhaps this is the reason why people end up getting one.

Are you one of those who are thinking of buying a puppy? You might have questions like, will you be able to take the responsibility, and how will you care for your furry friend? But, something that worries you the most is should you be buying clothes for your beloved dog? The answer is resounding YES, especially when you’re eyeing making your dog the upcoming Instagram star to flaunt in front of your friends. 

A great decision, folks! And, why not?

Even if you want to dress your dog, there isn’t a right and wrong way of choosing fashionable and chic clothing for your friend. Now that you’re a fashionista yourself, you worry about the comfort and safety of your dog. It’s all about redefining your image with the presence of a wagging dog. You’d want to thank later when you hear that pet dresses are not a new trend and people have always come up with a solution to the aggravating problem. 

Why Dog Dresses?

Dog dresses come into seeing only in cases of sled dogs and war dogs. Ancient armies turned keen and adoring eyes to protectively armed their dogs before stepping into the battlefield. They would protect their dog paws against frigid and icy weather using some outer garments. Nowadays, however, there has been a change in the trend. People now dress their dogs for style, safety, and comfort. Also, playing dress-up with your pup is an enjoyable activity. Besides showing off your best pal in some of the most exotic outfits, the pet dresses seem to serve some practical functions. The trick; thus lies in learning to choose dog clothes in a manner that holds greater importance than amusement. 

Inquisitive to shop clothes for your beloved now? Make a wise decision by taking note of some vital factors. Let’s get going:

  • Select the Right Kind of Pet Apparel

Are you embarking upon the journey for outfit shopping for your pet? Know that the outfit you choose should not be too loose or tight. When selecting pet dresses, keep in mind that it is ideal for your pet to sit, walk and visit the restroom. After all, you’d never want to dig the attire onto their skin or drag the same around the floor. Also, avoid buying apparel that’s scented or covered in chemicals. It can be harmful to your furry friend and may cause damage to their sense of smell. 

Things to Keep in Mind while Choosing Pet Dress

The attire you choose must have minimum chewable parts such as flaps and buttons. The veterinarians say so because these would have chewing and swallowing abilities. Maintain a safe distance from clothes that cover your pet’s eyes, nose, mouth, or eyes. You certainly don’t want to make the lives of your four-legged companions as it would hamper their breathing, sense of smell and interfere with their healing process. Pets use some subtle signals for easy communication with their owners and other pets. Thus, an obstructive outfit has the likelihood of hindering your pet’s ability. 

Choose clothes that are safe for your pets and are fashionable at the same time. A dog dress for your furry champ to sport in the summertime can work wonders. It is lightweight, has a comfortable fit, and is functional. A simple and basic dog hoodie can maintain the warmth without letting dog safety go for a toss. You can also introduce a small accessory for your pet, such as a bandana or festive collar; if they’re not ready for a full outfit. Thus, pet owners must always opt-in for smaller and less complicated segments. 

  • Develop Pet Apparel Habits Gradually:

Never force your pet to have an outfit, right away. This is because some pets perceive new smells and feel terrifying. Some scents may lead to negative responses.

Certified dog trainers suggest breaking the entire habit-developing process into some familiar steps. You can allow your pet to sniff the material. Consider laying the pet apparel across their back so that they attain familiarity with the material texture. 

Reward your pet every time they indulge in positive dress-up sessions. Doing so will help to build your pet’s confidence. Educate your pet to create a positive association of clothes with fun play games or yummy food. This way, your furry friend will fall in absolute love with their outfit. 

  • Dimensions and size of the clothing:

Ideal clothing does not limit a dog’s physical movements. Thus, it is necessary to maintain a proper fitting. Know that different breeds have different weights and sizes. They also have differing measurements. Some species also have other measurements so never go for labels that portray ideal size measurements. The experts suggest measuring your dog before paving a path for perfect dog dress shopping. 

  • Color, design, and looks:

You can make your wagging tail look cuter by considering this point. Different occasions demand different styles. You can dress your dog like a sweet pumpkin on Halloween, turkey on Thanksgiving, and a cute Santa on Christmas. You can also choose from adorable elf costumes. Anything and everything is possible when you dwell in mind some comfort factors. 

The dress color may not be a concern for the dog but holds pivotal importance to you. Choose a color that you deem fit. Repeat the actions of people when you’re in doubt. Most people opt for pink and black colors because it matches everything. Nevertheless, you can also select from white, tan, blue. 

The choice is all yours! 

Pick your Favorite Fur Clothing

There are numerous reasons for your dog to wear clothes, while the others don’t agree upon the reasons for dressing up your pup. Keeping these factors in mind when shopping for your dog clothes, you’re making sure you’re spending your money on ideal dog apparel. And, why not? It will work in serving its purpose while enduring the habits of your pup. 

Photo by Sam Lion from Pexels