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Smart Design Strategies to Keep Instagram Traffic for a Longer Time on Your Website

Smart Design Strategies to Keep Instagram Traffic for a Longer Time on Your Website

The Internet is not supposed to be a one-way street that facilitates only one-way traffic. That is primarily the reason why you must understand ways of creating an interactive website for enhancing the user experience. Your website must be designed in such a way that it contains relevant and important information of your products for your customers and potential customers to get an idea of your type of products. As per https://www.socialmediatoday.com, website functionality seems to be evolving constantly. Many organizations are coming up with much-improved, more interactive, and more intuitive websites and that is raising the expectations from your business website too. Here are some effective web design tips for retaining Instagram traffic for a much longer time. 

Craft an Eye-catching But Simple Website Design

You must understand that the first impression is often the last impression. Every time people visit your website or browse through your web page, you need to grab their attention. Web designers must consider using bold and vibrant colors and incorporate easy-to-read fonts. Your website must be navigable smoothly. It must be eye-catching with attention-grabbing features for customers or potential customers. Offer something eye-catching and dramatic which would motivate the general public to give it a thought. An eye-catching website would boost real Instagram followers.

Incorporate a Video

People who are constantly surfing the Internet and particularly, the users that come to your website from Instagram hate reading the text. No wonder videos are working so well. However, videos must necessarily be interesting and quite short typically under a minute. Remember your videos would speak volumes about your business. Visitors would be having access to lots of information and they would make sudden or spontaneous decisions. Your video would leave an imprint in the minds of your web visitors. Use videos cleverly for best results.  

Incorporate High-Resolution Images

We know that pictures are known to be very expressive and could convey volumes. They say that ‘pictures speak a thousand words.’ Most users online do not bother to read. Hence, high-resolution pictures are great for stuffing your message straightaway into visitor’s brain. You need to be innovative and creative with the pictures that you intend to use in your website design for attracting more and more people. Remember to use the pictures that are legally allowed for use. Use licensed pictures and stick to stringent web design polices as far as sharing pictures are concerned.

Update Your Blog with Relevant Content

Your blog could be an extremely powerful tool for giving your visitors some topical but informal information that could be important to your target audience. You need to come up with topics that generally get the maximum attention from your online visitors. Understand customer psychology and their buyer persona. Use important Google Analytics for understanding what fascinates your visitors from Instagram so that they could stay a bit longer on your site.

Conclusion: Consider Using Internal Linking

Internal links are supposed to be links that are present on one of your web pages and that would be connecting to other links on your other web pages. You could use internal links for assisting users in moving smoothly throughout the website.

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