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The Benefits of Running Your Business Remotely

As a business leader, you know how important it is to try out new things. After all, many businesses may come and go, but a refreshing new outlook is always going to help you come up with exciting ideas and new ways to make money. And lately, you’ve been thinking about running a business remotely. You might have worked in brick-and-mortar businesses before, in offices that operate nine-to-five, but you’d like to try something new. After all, it’s 2018, and many businesses are operating remotely these days.


And the fact is, there are lots of benefits to running your business remotely. From giving you more freedom to connecting you with a whole world of potential business partners, there are many reasons to run your business remotely. To learn more, read on.


1 You can live where you want


One of the main reasons many people choose to start a remote business is because of the flexibility it gives them when it comes to where they can work. Whether you’re a freelance editor or you’re running an entirely new startup company with hires from around the globe, it doesn’t matter what you choose: you can live wherever you like. Obviously, in certain industries, you have legal restrictions (for example, cryptocurrency entrepreneurs need to base their company out of somewhere where this technology is legally accepted). But in others, you really can choose to work from anywhere.


Considering that the average American consumer is now spending five hours a day on their mobile device, it’s no surprise that we live in a world where business entrepreneurs can work from anywhere. If you aren’t sure where to get started, take a look at Facebook groups like Digital Nomad Girls and We Work Remotely to learn about the best countries for basing your business. Usually, a low cost of living combined with accessible wifi everywhere is the best combination.


2 You can hire the best talent


One of the greatest benefits of running a remote business is that lots of people are going to want to work for you. Especially younger, brilliant minds, such as millennials and Gen Zers. According to Staffbase, Gen Zers “will be increasingly spread out: they will work from different locations, travel more for their jobs, and want to stay connected 24/7. 26 percent say they plan to work in two countries, and 19 percent want to work in three countries.” So if you’re offering a flexible schedule that allows your employees to work from anywhere, they’ll want to work for you.


Additionally, because of technology, it’s easier now more than ever to communicate with your worldwide staff. For example, there’s Slack, which allows not only private messaging but also the ability to send Google doc files to be edited. That works perfectly, for example, for a content-writing company.


3 You can build a real career


In the past, many remote careers weren’t taken very seriously. But we live in a different time now! We live in a time when getting likes on Instagram is something that can make or break your career, after all. That’s how powerful having an online presence is. That’s why remote work is becoming more popular, and something that many companies, even ones that have been traditional in the past, are doing.


According to Forbes, “4 percent of employees said they would quit their jobs to work for an organization that would allow them to work remotely more often, even if their salary stayed the same. But working remotely doesn’t mean workers need to sacrifice on salary. In fact, according to FlexJobs, there are a plethora of options for people looking to both make serious cash and work anywhere they want.”


4 You can live the life you want


Finally, the most wonderful thing about running your business remotely is that you are truly in charge of your schedule. In addition to being able to live where you want, you can decide what you do with each day. Sure, sometimes running a business is overwhelming, and takes a lot of time, but at least you aren’t tied to the nine-to-five schedule. That means if you want to do yoga or go for a run at 2 pm, you can. It’s up to you.


And considering that the majority of digital nomads live in Spain, you can imagine how amazing this life can end up being, can’t you?


Why have you been thinking of running your business remotely? What do you think will be your greatest challenges?


Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash