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Tip things to do to make your home sell fast

No one wants to have their goods in the market for too long. When putting up your home for sale, you want it to sell fast. Even though you aren’t selling because of an emergency, you want to have the process finished ASAP and get the best possible value.

While you may get lucky, making a home sell fast takes more than luck. What you need is to professionally prepare your home to make it super attractive to buyers. And that’s what we have outlined below.

1. Depersonalize the house

The first step to making your home sell fast is to dissociate yourself from it. Although you’ve lived there for years and grown fond of it, you must realize it should now be a place set to be readily occupied by someone else.

You want the buyer to immediately envision themselves in the space and personalize it to their taste. With your heirlooms, artworks, personal clutter, and photographs all over the place, such imagination becomes challenging as they distract the buyer. So, it’s best to take your personal belongings out of sight, even though you still live there. Leave furniture, but only understated pieces (laid-back).

2. Declutter and reorganize

The next step to making your home sell fast is creating a tidy appeal through a declutter. Remove every item you’ve accumulated over the years that are no longer relevant to the space. It’s best to only leave essentials in place, such as furniture and furnishings, carpet, curtains, lighting, etc. A good way to discard old and damaged items is to donate them to charity or sell them as second-hand.

Remove books from bookcases, and tuck other not-currently-used items neatly in storage boxes.

If you don’t have enough space to keep your stuff out of the way, consider renting a storage unit in your town.

3. Spruce up the look with a fresh coat of paint

Painting is essential to making your home sell fast. No matter how old your home is, a fresh coat of paint makes it look new again and attractive to buyers at first glance. To make the most of it, consider hiring a house painting company as this is something best left for professionals. Of course, you don’t want to mess up your paint, as this can hamper the effect you want to create.

A painting contractor will professionally paint your interior, exterior, kitchen counters, bathrooms, and foyers to give your home an overall polished and neutral look.

4. Conduct repairs

It isn’t encouraging to see some defects when buying a product. You might be instantly put off and walk away searching for a faultless one. It’s the same with homebuyers.

A home with damages will put off buyers as all they see are repairs they have to do when they move in. However, by doing the repairs yourself, all buyers will see is a perfect move-in-ready home.

So go ahead and repair cracked floors, doors that don’t close well, and countertops, patch up holes in the walls and fix broken pipes. Replace worn lighting. All of that will give your home a fresh new look that captivates buyers during showings.

5. Freshen up your curb appeal

The exterior is the first part of your home buyers will see, so you want it to be as appealing as possible. If a potential buyer doesn’t bother to look inside the house because the outside is unattractive, a potential sale is lost quickly. So go ahead and work on your lawn, garage, and garage door, place flowers in pots on your porch and fix cracks in your driveway. Of course, these would require hiring contractors, but sprucing your curb appeal will eventually increase your home’s resale value.

Meanwhile, after freshening up your curb appeal, you can use real estate marketplaces like to expose your property to many prospective buyers. The platform uses video marketing to showcase your property in a way that appeals to buyers, allowing you to sell as quickly as possible without any hassle. Selling your home may seem like a lot of work, but it no longer has to, thanks to these real estate marketplaces.


Go around your home and inspect it in the eyes of a potential buyer. Stand in the doorway of each room and examine if the view makes you nod. Plus, look into Concierge Auctions reviews and ensure that you are working with a local agent, as this will guarantee the best price and a fast sale.

The best agents such as these ones found at OylerHines.com will be able to not just help you find buyers but also recommend improvements to make your home more valuable and attractive. It is important that you choose realtors you can trust and you should make sure to read paperwork before agreeing to commission deals. It’s worth noting that you don’t have to hire an agent and can maximize your profits by selling privately – although it does mean handling marketing, viewings and paperwork yourself. 

If you find it attractive for a new home you would like to move into, chances are your potential buyer will see it in that same light.

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