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Top Cities to Visit While Travelling Through Germany

Are you planning a holiday in Germany? Whether you’re passing by or intend on spending a few days in this lovely European country, visiting its several mainstream cities is a must. This time we’ll skip the capital and focus on five other cities we believe deserve every tourist’s attention for being authentic, entertaining, and beyond worthwhile. From Hamburg to Munich, Cologne and Hannover, you will love each of the cities on our following list.


Do you plan to arrive in Germany on a ship? Making Hamburg your starting point is an excellent idea as it is one of the most famous port cities in Germany. Sitting on the river Elbe, the Venice of the North is the second-largest port in Europe, attracting ships from all over the world. Fans of education, science, and research will find their sanctuary in Hamburg as it’s one of the leading European cities in those areas. If you’re looking to enrich your cultural life, we have a treat for you too. Musical shows, concert halls Elbphilharmonie and Laeisz, and art venues, musical shows will blow your mind.


You might not have the chance to read much about Cologne as one of the most coveted cities in Germany, but that doesn’t mean it’s any less worth visiting. On the contrary, this bustling metropolis is a melting pot of culture and history. Photography lovers will especially enjoy Cologne’s old town’s (Altstadt) colourful buildings and cobbled streets. You will make iconic photos for your social media accounts as you enjoy the culture and history of Germany. Go to the Cologne cathedral – Kölner Dom – built in the High Gothic style. Step inside the cathedral, go to the south tower and marvel at the spectacular vistas of the city and the River Rhine.


Top Cities to Visit While Travelling Through Germany

Have you ever visited Bavaria? The capital – Munich – happens to be one of Germany’s largest cities. Sitting on the outer edge of the Bavarian Alps makes this city more popular than other German metropolises. Munich also had a leading role in creating today’s political scene and the culture of the country in general. When we talk about arts and trade, we cannot miss out on mentioning Munich as the most significant contributor to the rapid growth of those areas. Tourists worldwide choose Munich as one of Europe’s major must-visit destinations thanks to its gastronomy, rich touristic offer and unique architecture. When you come to Munich, don’t miss out on booking some of the very affordable Munich day trips and visiting majestic castles like Neuschwanstein and Linderhof Castle. Munich day trips also include interesting tours like visiting Swarovski Crystal Worlds, Innsbruck, or a guided tour through the Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial. Take your pick and enjoy some of the most beautiful areas around Munich.


Saxony is another famous region in Germany, with Leipzig being its largest city. Richard Wagner and Bach were some of the most famous composers who shaped the vibrant arts and culture scene of Leipzig. Stop by the St. Thomas Church to enjoy performances of Bach’s music. This German city will also greet you with a fascinating Napoleonic Monument. Use the opportunity to check out Germany’s second-oldest university and go to Augustusplatz – one of Europe’s largest town squares, sitting precisely at the university’s campus. Anyone planning to settle in Leipzig will be happy to know that the city is famous for affordable rents and vibrant nightlife.


Considering Bremen and Hamburg are very close by, Hannover is often skipped as the must-visit German city. However, if you’re looking for a laid-back vibe, Hannover is the city to go to. It’s home to a vast number of museums and is a large exhibition centre. You will find plenty of greenery in Hannover, including the exceptional Herrenhauser Garten you must visit. The outskirts of Hannover are particularly fascinating as they hold the largest urban forest in the entire Europe.

Germany offers a full spectrum of attractions for tourists worldwide. Whether you’re looking for authentic gastronomic experiences or a rich cultural scene, Germany has it all, and much more. Step away from the mainstream cities and give a chance to less attractive but equally exciting cities like Hannover, Leipzig, Munich, Hamburg, and Cologne and experience Germany in the best way.

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