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Top Interior Design Trends for 2023

2023 is right around the corner, waiting anxiously to introduce us to the newest interior design trends. If you’ve been just as excited to find out what colours, fabrics, patterns, and details we’ll love in our homes in the year ahead, the wait ends now. Will there be more whimsical wallpapers on the horizon? Are antique elements back in, or will you need to wait a few years to showcase them again? We’ll tell you about the upcoming interior design trends to look forward to and plan your next home remodelling around.

Look forward to biophilic elements

Have you been hoping for earthenware, woven grass, plant life and other organic materials to pop up in the interior design trends? Considering sustainability is becoming a big part of every aspect of our life, it’s no wonder that biophilic elements are taking over. The more natural, the better. Bring nature indoors with the freshness of affordable plant life, woven baskets, and pottery. Australian designers suggest incorporating paintings featuring plants and natural elements, while also having fresh plants around to purify the air. Artificial plant décor, biophilic details on your curtains, throw pillows, blankets, you name it. Carpets featuring leaves or palm trees will add a dose of freshness to any living room. If you succeed to find one shaped like a palm tree leaf, your room will look unique and more inviting.

Bold and moody hues

Top Interior Design Trends for 2023

In the year ahead of us, expect to see plenty more Wednesday Adams vibes around you. Yes, moody, gloomy, bold hues like deep blue, purple, charcoal, and rich green will dominate the interior design scene. Whether we’re talking about cabinetry, carpets, wallpaper or furnishings, dark colours will be under the spotlight for at least a year. To prevent the home from looking too claustrophobic due to dark tones, balance it with appropriate lighting. Just imagine how fabulous a powder room will look with dark textured linen or grasscloth wallpaper. If you add gold details to the room or consider incorporating gloomy hues with previously installed brass fixtures, your interior will get a new elevated dimension.

Quaint details

While bold and gloomy will be the centre of attention, you will be able to make the interior less dark with whimsical details. As some of the best Sydney interior designers suggest, details like curtains make all the difference in an interior. Take the overall design to the next level, with scallops, ruffles, sink skirts, and custom-made curtains to fit into your interior design. Order your custom-made curtains in Sydney to fit exactly the interior you have imagined with all the tassels, trims and shades, making your home ever so charming in 2023.

Heritage pieces are back

Have you been wondering what to do with the priceless pieces your grandparents left you? In 2023, there will be no better place for them than in your living room. Family heirlooms will pair up perfectly with modern-day patterns, colours, and materials. Everybody is looking for a way to add character and charm to their home, and antique pieces will do just that. Especially those that came from your grandparents or your parents’ grandparents. The older, the better, as you’ll have vintage pieces to showcase and proudly enjoy.

Dramatic tiles

Top Interior Design Trends for 2023

While 2022 was all about dramatic wallpaper, 2023 switched back to bold tiles. If you were planning to incorporate the latest marble wallpaper into the interior, it’s too late. Dramatic tiles are taking over and overshadowing wallpapers in the year ahead of us. Whether you need a new focal piece around the fireplace, in the mudroom or in powder rooms, opt for bold tiles to stay trendy in 2023. Introduce a dose of antique through tiles by placing vintage-inspired or reclaimed tiles in your bathroom, living room, kitchen, or corridor.

Curved furniture

Did you fall in love with Kim Kardashian’s curved comfy sofas and armchairs? Worry not, curved furniture continues to shine in 2023 as sculptural-looking pieces will be widely trending in Australia and beyond. Rounded sofas, angular tables or sculptural-looking chairs featuring quaint shapes, the furniture that goes beyond function leaning more toward artwork will dominate the 2023 trends. Going back to close encounter interaction, now you can enjoy your chit-chats in a selection of curvaceous seating options that promote in-person conversation. Not only curves but comfort and cosiness thanks to soft, plush fabrics are in focus, as everyone is looking for their oasis of heaven at their home.

Final thoughts

With every passing year, we say goodbye to some trends and welcome new ones. Whether they’re fresh out of the designer’s imagination or we’ve come back to everlasting ones, our interiors will breathe freshness and radiate uniqueness if we follow the suggestions of Australian interior designers. If you’re planning to remodel your home in 2023, don’t forget to incorporate the current trends and make your interior sparkle.

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