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Your Home: Signs of Damage You Should Never Ignore

Maintaining a property is a never-ending job. Just when you think you’re finished, something else will crop up. However, it’s vital to keep on track with your maintenance if you want your home to remain safe.

When a property is unsafe, there are often clear signs. Keeping these signs in mind could save you a lot of hassle and expense. Here’s what you need to know.

Cracks In The Wall

Small cracks in walls are common as property settles. If you notice these types of cracks don’t be alarmed. What you need to look out for are the cracks that are wider than a quarter of an inch. These indicate there is a problem.

Similarly, cracks that run diagonally or horizontally or reappear after being repaired are clear signs of damage. They often indicate foundation problems and if you notice them you should contact a professional building contractor immediately.

Damaged Roof

Unless you’re able to get up onto your roof safely, it’s not always apparent when your roof is damaged. Damage can occur because of the age of the roof, poor weather conditions, or even debris damaging shingles. If you aren’t aware of the damage, it could show in different ways.

For instance, you may start to notice damp patches on your walls that point to loose or broken roofing. The only way to fix this is contact experts like Elite Exteriors Roofing to inspect your roof and repair any damage.

Piles of Dust

If you’ve noticed small piles of sawdust around your home, you could have a pest. When people first notice these piles, they may think it’s a normal part of owning a home. They’re usually easy to clean up but they will return.

It could mean you have termites that are gnawing their way through your home. If you spot these signs, contact pest control as quickly as possible. Termites can be notoriously difficult to get rid of when large in number.

Flickering Lights

Flickering lights may sound like something out of a paranormal movie but it’s also a sign that something could be wrong with your home. Flickering or dimming are both signs of possible electrical faults or loose electrical wiring. Look for more than one bulb flickering for a sure sign that something is wrong.

When these problems persist, they can cause a fire hazard in your home. If you notice these signs, you’ll need to call an electrician to check your home and the wiring.

Rotting Wood

Wood in your home may have some signs of wear and tear. Over years, wood tends to degrade, especially when it’s outdoors. However, signs of rotting wood are different.

If you notice the wood is soft and rotting, it could put the structural integrity of your home at risk. It’s also a prime spot for pests to start making a home. It can help to get the professional opinion of a carpenter if you’re unsure.

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