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10 Must Have Men’s Accessories to elevate your style

Have you ever wondered what makes up a complete men’s wardrobe? With the endless list of men’s accessories available in the market, you might be wondering what the essentials are. 

Maybe you’re within a budget and only want a good buy for your men’s designer accessories and collection, or you want to ensure not to miss any must-have men’s accessories in case the need arises. 

Whatever your reasons are, these accessories should always be found in your collection.

These must-have accessories are essential because they cut across all age groups, occupations, and lifestyles. So if you think you might not need some because you’re still a teenager or because you have crossed the 60 mark, trust me, you couldn’t have been more wrong.

One need not be told that accessories are a game-changer for men’s dressing. They take your dressing to an entirely new level and can be the difference between a perfect, modern look and an outdated one. It’s essential to note that while you may not need some of the accessories every day, they will definitely come in handy at certain times or on specific occasions.

Without further delay, here’s our collection of 10 must-have men’s accessories to make a perfect wardrobe.

1. Belt

Even though a belt’s primary function is to keep trousers firm and fit, a belt is one of the essential men’s accessories that makes a statement when worn correctly. It is often paired with other leather accessories to give a more stylish look when made of leather.

If money wouldn’t be a thing of concern, you can collect all the colors that match your dressing and even have a few reserved for specific events. Otherwise, having a collection of neutral colors will work perfectly for any purpose and lifestyle. So make sure you have a white, brown, grey, and black belt sitting somewhere in your wardrobe.

2. Watches

Your outfit can not be complete without a wristwatch. It not only tells time but also shows the wearer’s style. From the simple to the classic; the wristwatch adds style and uniqueness to your dressing. If you love simple yet smart impressions, going for a calm, simple watch will do the trick. But if you’re a sophisticated person and know how to play your game, the sky is your limit.

Like the belt, the watch can also be paired with other leather-made accessories when made of leather. Some come with straps made of fabric, so you might want to keep that for casual dressings.

3. Rings

Most men find it hard to have anything other than their wedding ring on their finger. And the truth is, even your wedding ring can be a masterpiece that accentuates your style and reveals your class. If you also belong to this set of people, you can consider a zirconia or tungsten-made wedding ring contrary to the traditional gold and silver ring popular among men. You get to wear your ring while still maintaining your style with this.

Far from being limited to the circle of married folks, single men also find the use of rings appealing. 

4. Glasses

With a pair of glasses, you can easily pass off as a celebrity. If you don’t require a medicated one, you want to invest a few bucks on a pair that suits your face shape 

5. Tie

The tie is usually associated with formal occasions. You can also rock a tie with a casual outfit for any occasion. For formal dressing, it is best to ensure the color is plain or with a simple pattern, while you can play around with different colors for a casual occasion. 

6. Tie clips

Tie clips are not only used to keep the tie firm to the shirt; they are now made in different styles and can be used even on a casual dress. You want to stick to the conservative silver and gold for formal events, while you have various options to select from when you want to go casual. 

7. Scarves 

As fashionable as scarves may be, you don’t want to be seen with one in a hot summer. This accessory is seasonal to keep you warm during the winter without affecting your style. A scarf can take your dressing to a whole new level without compromising your style, so make sure to have one in your collection.

8. Wallets 

Like ladies are known to carry purses, men use wallets. It functions to keep money and cards securely in its compartments to avoid misplacement. Since it is also made of leather, you can also match it with other leather accessories to make your dressing top notch. You want to go for a slim one for a formal dressing while a chunky one when going casual. 

9. Bags

 When attending an official meeting, your go-to bag is a briefcase. Other bags such as neck cross bags and the likes amplify the dressing on a casual dress. Like other leather accessories, you can consider pairing with other leather accessories; this is solely based on an individual sense of style. 

10. Bracelet

 A bracelet has a way to make you look cool just by wearing one around your wrist. Either beaded or made of chain, both amplify your dressing a tad bit more. With this simple piece of accessories, a plain simple dressing can look fashionable. A chain bracelet should be simple without so much weight or not too busy with different bracelets on the wrist. Simplicity is the key to this accessory. 

You can never go wrong when you amplify your outfit with these accessories. Following these patterns will serve as a guide on what accessories should be worn for different events and what choice is best. Although these accessories complement your dressing, you don’t want to overdo them.

Use only a few at a time to prevent being too dressy or obsessive. Some of these items are limited to certain seasons and should not be worn when not needed. For most people, the simpler, the better. But if you love to be creative with your looks, feel free to incorporate the right accessories to help you achieve your desired results.

Elevating your style doesn’t require much effort. With a few essentials, you can look stylish no matter where you go.

However, you also shouldn’t forget about your health. After all, those accessories won’t do much when you’re looking tired! So, go ahead and consult with professionals such as Huddle Men’s Health to help you look your best, even when you’re wearing nothing!

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