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How to Look Stylish & Attractive: Tips for Men

Steve McQueen, Cary Grant, Frank Sinatra, Ryan Gosling. These men ooze effortless style and elegance. Always looking sharp every time. How do they do it? We’ll let you in on some secrets to how you can exude that kind of visual charisma and always look stylish and attractive:

Get items that fit right

You may own the best designer labels and the highest quality clothing. But if they do not fit well, you will still look frumpy. Wearing clothes that do not sit well on you throws off your body’s measurements. You will end up seeming like you have different proportions from your actual ones. 

Your appearance will seem off if the clothes do not fit your body well. And that is no recipe for an effortlessly cool look. Many men tend to wear extremely loose clothing with the hope that they will appear bigger than they are or very skinny fitting clothes that are plain unflattering. Understand what works best for your body since not all trends are for everyone. Identify a style that flatters you most and work with that!

Purchase high-quality clothes

So, you have identified the best fit for your body that caters to your aesthetic and comfort needs. You then need to ensure that you purchase clothing that is made from fine quality materials. You’d rather have five pieces of clothing that are well constructed than have thousands of items that look cheap and fall apart in less than a year. Quality clothing looks nice in the subtlest of ways and also lasts longer. You are sure to get a bang for your buck while looking elegant and stylish.

That said, you shouldn’t feel the need to rob a bank to get high-quality pieces. Work within your means and get a few high-quality clothing pieces rather than fill your closet with cheapies that you will throw out anyway. Remember, best quality does not mean designer or branded labels. No. Develop a keen eye for well-made clothes of high-quality fabrics. When you know what to look for, you will look stylish and attractive even with clothes from the thrift store. 

Start with neutrals and versatile clothing pieces

When embarking on looking stylish and attractive, start by creating a capsule or foundational wardrobe. Ensure that every piece of clothing or accessory that you buy matches with many items in your closet. Neutral pieces are the best since you can easily incorporate them into any outfit. And that is exactly what you need! They may not be the most exciting, but they are the best place to start. 

They will take away the headache of planning outfits that match every time you are dressing up. You can get more outfit combinations when everything you own is interchangeable. The best thing is that it will only be taking you seconds to get ready when you do not have to match. A neutral colour palette does not only look refined but also a lot more masculine. 

Do regular maintenance and closet organization

You will definitely not look stylish or attractive when you are a wrinkled mess. No sir! You won’t get the chance to put yourself together if your clothes are all over the place and you have to spend your whole day looking for that white shirt. Try to be proactive with caring for your clothes and putting them in order. You get to save a lot more time while making your preparation time less stressful. 

Try to iron your clothes before you put them away. It will be easier to get them on when getting ready and save you lots of time. If some of your buttons have popped, fix them up before putting the clothes back in the closet so that the next time you pull out the clothing item, it is in perfect shape. 

You could also lay out your clothes on the night before when you are not in a rush. You are more likely to pick out the best outfit and be more confident when you leave the door the next day. We all know that confidence plays a significant role in looking and feeling attractive. You look more in control of everything without trying too hard. 

Do not forget skincare

Most men think that leading a healthy lifestyle is only about fitness and eating right. Taking care of your body involves taking care of your skin too. Your skin is your largest body organ, and therefore taking care of your skin constitutes a significant part of taking care of your body.

Be intentional in taking care of your skin and maintaining regular skincare in the same manner you extol the necessity of consistent workouts and supplements. You may assume that your skin is more resilient and doesn’t need much care, but that is not the case. Your skin needs nourishment. It doesn’t mean that you have to slot in time for a facial every day. 

Skincare doesn’t have to be complicated. Just get the right products and maintain a consistent routine. Identify the best natural skin care for men and use that consistently to see results. The more consistent you are with your daily skincare routine, the faster you realize healthier and fresh skin. Just commit to it!

Always smell good

That does not require much explanation. Do what you got to do to ensure that you smell fresh and clean. Wear perfume. That will add a lot to the perception of your overall appearance. Bathe daily, brush your teeth, launder your clothes regularly. These simple things make a world of difference.

Go outside your usual box sometimes

You already have your neutral fundamental pieces. Now, it is time to try out some bold items that you thought you’d never done even in a thousand years. I mean, don’t knock it till you try it. There is no harm in experimenting a little. 

Try out pieces that are in bolder colours. You never know. You might find yourself loving a yellow or neon blazer. When you try out, you unlock a different level in your style journey and are able to find your unique style that matches your personality. And when you dress per your personality, you will be more comfortable and give off a laid-back elegance that is mighty attractive. 

Final remarks

Looking stylish and attractive has little to do with wearing the latest trends, wearing the most expensive clothes or mastering complex style tricks. It all boils down to knowing the styles that work best for you and following the tips we have discussed. With the pointers above in your arsenal, there isn’t anything that can stop you from being your most stylish and attractive self.