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Dealing With Death

10 Ways to Honor the Memory of Someone’s Life

Losing a loved one can be a shock to the system. But just because they’re gone doesn’t mean you have to lose them entirely. There are ways to honor a deceased loved one’s memory, preserving their spirit in perpetuity.

Looking for some things to do in memory of a loved one? Read on. We’re going to provide you with 10 of them below.

1. Make a Quilt out of Their Clothing

One option is to make a quilt out of your loved one’s clothing. Find some of their most identifiable shirts and tie them together to make a full blanket. Not only will you have an heirloom that honors your loved one’s memory, but a functional piece as well.

To do this, you’ll need scissors, a ruler, and a sewing machine. Cut up the clothing so that it’s equally sized, and then use the sewing machine to piece it all together.

Don’t worry about making it perfect. It doesn’t need to be perfectly done; it just needs to be.

2. Plant a Tree in Their Memory

Perhaps your loved one was an avid gardener? Maybe they liked to hike? Or maybe camping was their interest?

In any case, you can honor them by planting a tree in their memory. Obviously, you’ll want to plant this tree somewhere in which it’s recognizable. Your yard would be ideal, but if you don’t have one, you could consider planting it in a favorite camping or hiking spot as well.

3. Name a Star in Their Honor

Was your loved one a fan of astrology or astronomy or looking up at the sky on a relaxing summer night? If so, you might consider naming a star in their honor.

To name a star after a loved one is to preserve their memory forever. Wherever you go, you’ll be able to see your loved one’s star and think about the contribution that they made to your life.

This is the crest of the universe we’re talking about. And as far as memorials go, they can’t get much bigger than that.

4. Take Their Place as a Volunteer

Perhaps your loved one liked to volunteer at a soup kitchen, sporting events, or at church or somewhere else? If so, you could honor their memory by taking their place.

Volunteering in your loved one’s stead is a terrific way to carry on their legacy, as it keeps their contributions going. It prevents death from removing their influence on the world.

5. Help Finish a Project That They Were in the Process Of

Maybe your loved one was in the middle of a long-term project when he or she passed away? If so, there is no better way to honor them than by seeing that project to the end.

You may or may not be able to accomplish this on your own. But if you can’t, there’s no shame in getting other people involved. And it would be doubly special if you get their other loved ones in on the project.

6. Complete Their Bucket List

Not everyone has a bucket list. Many are content to lead simple lives with their family and their friends. But if your loved one had a bucket list, and they left this planet without completing it, you should think about honoring them by picking up their slack.

This would be a long-term memorial, one which could take years. But in the end, that would be a good thing. You would never stop thinking about your lost loved one, and would never stop honoring their commitment to an exciting and eventful life.

7. Make Amends

Honoring your loved one doesn’t necessarily mean honoring them directly. You can honor them simply by leading a better life. One way to do this is by making amends with someone whom you’ve had a falling out with.

Making amends is an honor because it indicates that the loved one’s life was not lost in vain; that the death had such an impact on you that it influenced you to reach out to old friends or family members and appreciate the time you have left with one another.

8. Make Them Proud

Maybe you’ve been dragging through life, failing to keep up with the expectations of yourself and others? If so, there would be few better ways to honor your departed loved one than by trying to meet those expectations.

Go back to college, start volunteering, make a big move, stop drinking alcohol, stop smoking. Do whatever it is that’s necessary to get your life back on track. Make your lost loved one proud of you and everything will fall into place.

9. Start Wearing Their Cologne/Perfume

If your loved one had an instantly recognizable scent inspired by cologne or perfume, then you could preserve their essence by wearing that on your body.

You don’t have to wear it forever. In fact, you could just use it until the bottle is finished. In any case, you’ll have honored your loved one’s memory adequately.

10. Visit Their Grave Regularly

One last option is to visit your loved one’s grave regularly. This will not only show love to your departed friend or family member, but it will also serve as a form of therapy for you.

If you wish, you can decorate the grave with flowers and knick-knacks. But if you’re not into that sort of thing, there’s nothing wrong with keeping it bare.

There Are All Kinds of Things to Do in Memory of a Loved One

In truth, there are all kinds of things to do in memory of a loved one. The examples reviewed above are only the tip of the iceberg. The key is to consider your loved one’s personality and interests and come up with an idea that appeals to those entities.

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