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A Celebration of Life: How to Hold a Loving Funeral Reception

A Celebration of Life: How to Hold a Loving Funeral Reception

For many people, losing a family member or friend is one of life’s biggest challenges. The funeral can be particularly difficult.

However, there are ways to treat the event as a celebration of life rather than a time of suffering. Holding a funeral reception is a great way to do this.

If you’re in charge of planning the reception, there are plenty of things you can do to make it loving and tender. Keep reading for some ideas to consider before getting started.

A Positive Setting  

The venue for the reception is very important. You’ll want to host it at a location where all the guests will feel comfortable.

Consider holding the reception at a place that was special to the deceased. If they were a regular at a restaurant or bar, ask if you can rent it out for several hours.

Wherever you decide to hold it, make sure you decorate accordingly. Things like flowers, candles, banners, and music will please the guests. Remember to keep things light and positive.

Food and Beverages

Providing food and beverages is a great way to make the funeral reception feel more like a celebration. You can take many approaches to this step.

A great idea is to have some of your loved one’s favorite foods. You could also consider asking select guests to prepare dishes to share.

When it comes to alcohol, make sure all the guests will approve. Toasting your loved one is a great way to honor them. If you provide alcohol, make sure you also have other options like tea, soda, coffee, or even a non-alcoholic punch.

A Personalized Touch

Bringing some personal touches into the reception is the perfect way for you to remember and celebrate the life of your loved one. There a countless ways to do this. This is your chance to get creative.

Playing your loved one’s favorite music is an easy way to commemorate them. There’s a good chance certain songs will spark happy conversations about times people had with the deceased.

You could also make a video tribute using photos of the loved one with family and friends. This is a great way to keep things positive and loving.

Share Precious Memories

Think about setting up a table with pictures of your loved one. You can also add other personal items. For example, if they were an artist, display some of their paintings.

Another idea is to ask people to share their fondest memories of the deceased. This allows people to talk about things in a loving, open environment.

Consider providing guests with a keepsake. This could be a card containing a poem or bible verse, a button, or any item that has a connection to your loved one.

Honor Your Loved One With a Funeral Reception

Getting over losing someone can be an uphill battle. However, by celebrating their life, you can more easily come to terms with their death.

Use the ideas discussed above and host a loving funeral reception that honors your loved one.

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