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3 Reasons to Request Paper Checks, Even If You Get Direct Deposit

3 Reasons to Request Paper Checks, Even If You Get Direct Deposit

In today’s world, we’re seeing the rise of technology and the fall of traditional ways. One example of this is the transfer of your paycheck into your account via direct deposit. More and more people are making the switch from paper checks to direct deposit.

We understand the switch as it brings convenience to employees and employers, but paper checks are still vital to have even if you do receive direct deposit. They can come in handy in a number of situations. So, if you currently receive direct deposit, but no paper paychecks, it’s time to make a request.

Here are a few reasons why you need to request paper checks, even if you do receive a direct deposit!

1. You Need Proof in Hand

In many situations in life, you’ll be asked to provide proof of income. This could be when applying for a new loan, preparing to purchase health insurance, and so on. You never know when you’ll be asked to provide proof of income, so you’ll want to remain prepared. 

Having paper paychecks in hand is one of the best ways to prove your income when needed. Many places will ask to see your last 4 weeks of pay. Rather than heading out to the bank and asking them to print you out your bank statements and scrolling through them to find your deposits, bring your paychecks in. 

The paper paychecks and paper paystubs act as all the proof you need. Check out thepaystubs.com for more information on the pros and cons of electronic and paper paystubs.

2. You Want to Keep Up With Your Income

Some employees simply like to keep up with their income on their own. Employees like to see how much they’re making each month and prepare themselves for tax season as well.

When only dealing with direct deposit, it’s sometimes hard to keep up with how much you’re making each month or even each year. Having the paychecks printed out and in your hands is one of the best ways to help you keep up with your income. Your paper checks will come with your paper paystub, which is another big helper when keeping track of your earnings. 

Your paystubs will help you determine how much is taken out each check for health insurance, a 401k plan, social security, and other taxes. 

3. You Want a File for Paychecks 

The last reason why you might want to request paper paychecks is for your filing system at your home. Although many people have moved over to the electronic way of filing, nothing is as stable as an at-home filing cabinet or folder. When keeping your paychecks in a file at your home or office, you’ll never have to worry about the data being lost, hacked, or accidentally deleted. 

It’s also a good idea to keep your last 3 years’ worth of income to prepare for each tax season. The best way to ensure that your 3 years’ worth of income information is kept safe is to keep it filed away on paper. 

Paper Checks Are More Valuable Than You Think!

If you’re not currently receiving paper checks, then it’s time to start requesting them from your employer. Paper checks hold a lot more value to them as shown above. Having your checks printed gives you the proof when you need it and security as well.

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