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3 Tips For Looking Cool In The Heat Of Summer

With the weather warming up in many areas of the world, it’s time to start transitioning from your winter wear to your summer clothing. But in some places, it can get so hot that wearing any amount of clothing can make you oppressively hot.

In situations like this, it’s good to know what you can do to keep your body both looking and feeling cool—without the use of your air conditioner—despite how high the temperature might get. To show you how this can be done, here are three tips for looking cool in the heat of summer. 

Cool Off Beauty Products And Accessories

Getting ready for the day can be a challenge if you know you’re just going to wind up sweating through your clothes and sweating off your makeup before the day is over. So to give yourself the best chance of maintaining your cool, Elizabeth Graves, a contributor to Real Simple, recommends that you try cooling off your beauty products and accessories before putting them on.

To do this, try putting your skin care or beauty products in the refrigerator for a while before you plan on using them. Along with this, you can also put your jewelry or other accessories in the freezer for a while before you put it on for the day. By doing this, your body will hold onto a bit of this cold for a while, helping you to fight the heat a little better. 

Don’t Go Sockless

Although the summer is the perfect time to let your feet breathe outside of your shoes, if you are going to be wearing closed-toed shoes, you may not want to let your feet go sockless.

According to Nathaniel Nagy, a contributor to BirchBox.com, skipping socks when wearing closed-toed shoes can make your feet even sweatier than they already are. Additionally, socks can help you regulate your body temperature, whether it’s hot or cold outside. So rather than forgoing your socks, look for no-show socks that will help to wick moisture away from your feet and keep you feeling fresh and dry in your shoes. 

Leave Your Big Bag At Home

One accessory that can easily add to the heat you feel is carrying a big purse or bag.

Charles Manning, a contributor to Cosmopolitan.com, shares that not only can carrying around a heavy bag be more of a workout for you, but having this bag right next to your body can make you even hotter and sweatier.

To avoid this, try switching out your big bag for a smaller purse or clutch. 

If you need some help keeping cool in the summer heat, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you in accomplishing this. 

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