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Casino Med BankID What BankID Brings To The Table In Online Casinos

Having found your way here, I am more than confident that you are a gambling enthusiast. And, as such, you must be aware of online casinos. Ever since they first emerged, people have noticed the advantages they offer. This led to an increase in their popularity, and with a good reason. Myriads of your favorite games right there under your nose, in the comfort of your own home… What more could you ask for?

Well, if there is something that I am definitely sure of by now, it’s that, with today’s fast-evolving technology, there is always something MORE. So, why would the world of online gambling be any different? It isn’t, especially in Sweden, where, as you can see here https://casinomedbankid.se, this industry has been made significantly more user-friendly.

If you are wondering what I am talking about, then you are surely not acquainted enough with the online identity verification solution, known as BankID. Don’t worry, the service is hardly as complicated as that sentence sounds. In fact, its whole purpose is making your life easier. So, let’s see what this is and what it means in the online gambling industry.

What Is BankID?

This is, basically, your digital identity. It was first invented by banks of Sweden, with the aim of facilitating identification and secure transactions in the online world. This included putting signatures on official documents and enabling you to quickly and easily make a trading deal right there on your computer.

It was first issued in 2003, and today it is used by over 8 million people for a wide variety of public and private services, ranging from e-banking to tax declaration. To get a sense of what this service provides, you should think of it as of your personal ID, but on the World Wide Web. Remember, this means that any signature you make through it is legally binding.

Casino Med BankID What BankID Brings To The Table In Online Casinos


In a fast-paced world, being able to perform tasks like this from your home makes a significant difference. After all, we all like to just slow down a bit from time to time, have some work done by someone else on our behalf and feel pampered. And, as one of the most useful inventions of today, it surely seems that BankID is pampering quite a lot of people.  

Introduction To Casinos

It doesn’t come as a surprise that people have quickly noticed how BankID can be useful in the online casino business. After all, a large percentage of persons engage in gambling activities and having a service like this was definitely bound to solve some issues and enhance their customer experience. So, it found its way to the world of slots, poker, blackjack, roulette, and more.

However, since online casinos are not a new trend, the natural thought process leads to wondering what it is that makes this method stand out. After all, you have long been able to play your favorite games on your browsers or apps, and now you can’t see what else you might need? Let me open your eyes, because you just might need something more.

What Does It Offer?

No matter how much you enjoy gambling on your computer, there is always a thing or two to get in the way of a perfect experience. The registration process might be tiring, the verification process even more so. Moreover, you might be worried about security when entering your personal information on a platform like that. And, of course, finding the best payment method is a pain in the neck, given transaction fees.

Casino Med BankID What BankID Brings To The Table In Online Casinos


Would you believe me if I told you that there is a simple solution to all of the above mentioned nuisances? And, what’s more, it’s a quick solution as well. Imagine that. It’s like waving a magic stick and making all your problems disappear at once. Well, trust me, it’s not magic, but it works like a charm. Can you guess what I am talking about? 

I’d imagine that, by now, you have created a pretty good picture in your mind about the Swedish based service. If not, then I must have done a pretty poor job in explaining this. And here I am thinking that I am doing my best… Whatever the case might be, let me make this clear – the solution I am talking about is BankID. And let us now see how this charm works.

Registration Process

With BankID, you can skip this process altogether. This means that you can use the services of casinos that offer you to play without registering. If you don’t want to leave your information on a certain website, or go to the trouble of making an account, after which you would have to verify your identity, then this is your perfect option. As a trusted identity verification method, BankID is available in many gambling platforms.


Security is generally important for people and even more so when it comes to online platforms. You always think twice before using these kinds of services and approach them carefully and cautiously. Naturally, being wary is important for your protection.

When speaking of security in connection with this option, there is literally nothing you have to worry about. Your ID is issued by licensed and trusted banks in Sweden and regulated by a relevant financial security authority. Because of this, there is no risk of your data being tampered with.

Casino Med BankID What BankID Brings To The Table In Online Casinos

Transaction Fees

Here is another known nuisance. First, you bang your head to decide on the best possible payment method. Then, you go through the trouble of setting it up. And after you have done everything the right way, it’s still not good enough. Why? Well, because the fees are just as annoying as they are inevitable.

But, are they inevitable, though? Not if you use BankID services. This is a completely “no-fee” option. You simply go enjoy your favorite online casino without worrying about all the charges you will be subject to for each and every transaction. Because – you won’t.

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