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3 Truck Upgrades and Hacks to Keep You Safe on Winter Roads

Winter is coming, which means your truck may very well be pushed to the limit by rain, ice, hail and rutted roads. While your truck has likely seen it all before, improvements and maintenance, as well as some simple car hacks, can keep you safe while on those winter road.

Maintain and upgrade your truck for the nasty winter weather with this simple checklist, so you won’t find yourself stuck in the mud and cold this winter season.

1. Maintenance

Cracked window seals, an older car battery or a small crack in the windshield can all lead to bigger problems once winter rolls around. In particular, cold weather can make cracks in your windshield spread and obscure your line of sight, while frigid temperatures can drain old batteries of power as quickly as overnight, meaning when you need your truck the most, you’ll waste valuable time jump-starting it.

You should also be aware that when it freezes, any water trapped in the cracks of your window liner will expand and ruin your seals, which can lead to leaks. While this will keep the interior of your car safe, it’s also important you maintain what’s under the hood as well.

For instance, changing out your oil may be in order, though you should always adhere to the specifications listed in your owner’s manual. Most vehicles call for an oil change and new oil filter every 3,000 miles. You should also top off the antifreeze in your radiator before freezing weather comes along, as frozen or insufficient coolant can cause a host of engine problems.

2. Upgrades

Maintenances checks are always a perfect time to upgrade your truck. While a tire rotation is probably a good idea, you should also consider a new set of tires. Now, there’s a big difference between all-terrain and all-season tires, and it’s important you know the differences and purchase the tires that will best fit your needs.

Also, consider investing in new headlights. Technology has advanced a lot in this area, and you can find LED, laser or halogen headlights that won’t obscure your vision during a rainstorm or in foggy conditions for a reasonable price. With all this different technology, make sure you read up on each and pick the headlights that will work best for your adventure. Expert trucking witnesses will tell you that headlight issues are not an uncommon cause of accidents, so better safe than sorry!

If you plan on any off-road driving, it may also be a good time to invest in a winch for the front of your truck. After all, you never know when you may need a little extra assistance on those off-road tracks, and a winch will spare you from calling your friends to tow you out of a ditch or mud pit.

3. Car Hacks

Those frigid winter months may bring about plenty of minor inconveniences, but what seems like a time suck can actually turn into a dangerous situation. If you expect impending snow or a heavy frost, make sure you pull up your windshield wipers and angle them away from the glass for the night so they don’t stick.

Likewise, if your car windows get fogged up during colder conditions, you may be surprised to know you can use shaving cream as an anti-fogger. Brands like Barbasol have the same ingredients as expensive anti-fog sprays; just coat your windows and then wipe them off the night before.

Lastly, place something heavy in the back of your truck; some bricks, rocks or cinder blocks will do fine. This will weigh down your back end and lend grip to your rear tires, which is especially important if your truck is rear-wheel drive, as a lack of rear-wheel weight, especially in snowy and icy conditions, increases the likelihood of tire slippage.

Drive with Confidence

With new window seals, an unblemished windshield and a well-maintained engine, you can drive with confidence and comfort this winter, knowing your truck is as safe as it can be. The upgrades you’ve made will not only ensure your truck is safer on those winter roads, but is also more enjoyable to drive.

While car hacks are fairly simple, they can also save you time and make the roads more manageable to drive this winter. Follow these steps, and those troublesome winter roads won’t feel as formidable this year.