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4 Smart Tips for Keeping Your Skin Healthy

No matter how good your genetics are, beautiful and soft skin isn’t a God-given thing and, just like the rest of your body, it needs proper care to stay healthy. But, what does that actually mean? What is it that you should do; how are you supposed to do it and how often? And are the answers to these questions the same for all of us? Whether you’re more than happy with your skin right now, or you want to improve the state of it, you might simply need some guidance. If this is the case, here are several valuable pieces of advice you should take, to give your skin all of the attention and the tenderness it deserves.

Determine Your Skin Type

Knowing precisely what your skin type is can help you choose more adequate skincare products, so paying attention to some indicators would be wise. For instance, if your skin shows few imperfections or none at all, if it isn’t sensitive and your pores are barely visible, you’re blessed with the normal skin type. In case of the combination skin type, it’s usually the nose, forehead and chin that are oily, while the rest of your skin can be normal or even dry, and you’ll notice that your pores are open and more noticeable, that your skin is shiny and that you have blackheads. If you have dry skin, your pores are next to non-existent, your complexion is rough and dull, and you might have red patches in different areas of your skin. On the other hand, those with oily skin often have enlarged pores and various blemishes, such as pimples or blackheads. Finally, you could also have the sensitive skin type, meaning that you often experience redness, dryness or itching. Once you’re sure what your skin type is, you can look for compatible cosmetics, for the best possible result.

Put Your Routine in Order

If you want your skin to be radiant and always in a good condition, it’s essential that you establish a skincare routine and that you stick to it. The order in which you treat your skin on a daily level is also relevant, so make sure it’s the right one. No matter what part of day it is, always start your skincare routine with a cleanser, followed by a toner, which should balance your skin and contribute to its detox and, as the third step, a good serum to protect your skin and repair it. In the morning, the fourth step should be a moisturizer, after which you should apply some SPF, so that your skin is safe from the harmful effect of the sun. In the evening, you don’t have to apply the SPF, but you should give your skin a pleasant boost with a quality face mask, right between putting on your serum and your moisturizer. To get the most out of your masks, pick the ones that meet your demands and concerns, but also choose those with active ingredients, which are cruelty-free PETA certified. Fortunately, the best companies now ship globally, meaning that you can now easily order premium Australian made skincare and cosmetics online, whether you’re looking for masks for your face, eye region or even butt masks.

Wash Your Face Properly

It’s probably crystal clear to you that washing your face is a vital part of your everyday hygiene, but what you might not be aware of is that the way you wash your face makes all the difference. First of all, you should wash your face as soon as you get out of bed in the morning, so as to remove the bacteria and dirt that sticks to it while you’re asleep, but also in the evening, to remove your makeup and any impurities that have landed on your face during the day. You should also know that scrubbing your skin clean isn’t always the best way to go. While this may seem like an excellent idea when you have a flare, or you’ve been sweating excessively, scrubbing can further irritate your skin and make your problem worse. Instead, be gentle with the skin on your face. Use lukewarm water to wet your face, followed by a cleanser that suits your skin type. Apply the cleanser carefully with your fingers for a minute or two, in circular motions, after which you should rinse it. To dry your face as delicately as you can, use a soft towel and pat your face with it, rather than rubbing it against your skin.

Reassess Your Habits

Forming good habits can improve your general well-being, which includes your skin, but there are those habits that aren’t that healthy and can harm your skin, causing it to look far less attractive. Smoking is one of those habits, as it leads to the narrowing of the blood vessels in your skin, making you look pale. Another thing that leads to increased skin sensitivity and even acne outbreaks is stress, which can be a huge issue for any aspect of your health, so try to diminish it as much as you can. Finally, what you eat and drink also has a huge impact on your skin, so maintain a balanced diet, avoiding anything too greasy or food loaded with refined sugar. Instead of reaching for candy bars, opt for fresh fruit or nuts, and instead of sugary drinks, choose water infused with citruses, or a nice cup of herbal tea.

Your approach to skin health should be holistic, which means that you should do whatever you can to keep your mind and body healthy, since that will improve the odds for your skin as well. In addition, with these 4 useful tips, you’ll take your skincare to a higher level and ensure you look and feel phenomenal.

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