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5 Lesser-Known Facts About Facelift

5 Lesser-Known Facts About Facelift

The use of plastic surgery has become a common practice in recent times. It appears more than ever there is intense pressure to look a certain way, per society standards. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, nearly 2 million cosmetic surgical procedures were performed in the United States in 2018. Included on this list of procedures are facial surgeries. This procedure has grown in popularity, as well. Despite its ubiquity, there are many myths about what it actually does and the benefits it produces. Here are five little known facts about this very common facial procedure.

They will not make all of your wrinkles and aging spots go away

Many people are convinced after they have a facelift, they will be free of all wrinkles and spots. The reality, however, is much different. Issues like wrinkles, spots or folds, are surface-layer problems that have various treatments to address. As a result, many people choose to follow up their surgery with other treatments such as Botox, gradual skin-resurfacing and other filler treatments. It is usually a good idea to speak with a surgeon when considering combining a face surgery with some other treatment. Things to discuss with your surgeon include simultaneous CO2 laser and chemical peel. Patients should also consider scheduling multiple appointments for Botox when attempting to get rid of wrinkles and sun damage.

They primarily focus on the lower part of your face

It is important to know that facial surgery will most likely focus on the lower part of a person’s face. A lift of the face will not address mid-level features, the eyes or the forehead. This procedure will address issues with the jawline, jowls, and neck. To improve the look of the eyes and forehead most people will have to get additional procedures that can be done at the same time. These procedures can remove extra skin and fat from these areas of the face. Although it may seem overwhelming to have two procedures done at the same time this process can actually reduce overall recovery time for the patient.

Non Surgical facelifts don’t really exist

There is lots of talk about lifting the face without actually having surgery. Fillers are often referred to as nonsurgical lifts of the face. The reality is while these procedures may reduce wrinkles, they won’t actually tighten the skin around the neck or jawline. Furthermore, they will not smooth the jowls like a normal lift of the face. Often referred to as lunchtime or liquid lift, other procedures actually add volume to a person’s face, and cannot produce the same result as a normal lift of the face. According to facial plastic surgery expert, Dr. Andrew Jacono, a hybrid mini facelift may be a great option for a full facial rejuvenation. Dr. Jacono pioneered this technique and is regularly called upon to teach this technique to other surgeons from around the world. This facelift is an excellent choice for combining multiple procedures to get a full facelift with natural-looking results.

Seeing a specialist is a must

If you are considering having major work done on your face it is crucial that you seek the advice of a specialist. It is essential that you get advice from an expert who has experience in cosmetic procedures. Seek the opinion of someone who has experience in both surgical and non-surgical approaches for rejuvenating the face. These procedures are usually very expensive so working with an expert can help to avoid wasting both money and time. A specialist will be able to advise you on the various treatments to consider to get the best results and achieve your goals. Perhaps even more important, a specialist will be able to help you manage your expectations properly in regards to recovery and overall results. Working with a specialist like Dr. Jacono is critical when looking into facial surgery.

When done correctly they look natural

Perhaps to the surprise of many, a facelift actually produces a natural look. If a lift of the face is done correctly it will produce a natural looking overall facial appearance. Several decades ago surgeons would simply pull back the skin of the face and then cut away the extra skin. This type of practice no longer exists. An expert working in today’s surgical world would reposition the different parts of the face to produce long-lasting results. This process allows patients to look as much as ten years younger.

In order for facelifts to be successful, there are a number of specific areas the procedure must target. First, a lift of the face targets the deep-down structures of the face in order to tighten and lift the jowls and jawline. In addition, this procedure also sharpens the neck angle, lifts facial structures like the cheeks and repositions the various parts to where they were previously.

Careful consideration should be taken with any cosmetic procedure. There are numerous potential benefits that come along with this work including making the patient feel better about themselves. It is important to look at all components of this work and understand the truth about such procedures.