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5 renovation projects that you should consider

Renovating a home is one of the most fun things that you can do while living in a house, but sometimes, it’s hard choosing the renovations that will be the most bang for your buck. In my eyes, any renovation that you do should increase the value of your home and add joy in your life. That is what you should focus on! With that being said, here are a few renovation projects that you should consider!

Kitchen and bathroom improvements

Kitchen and bathroom renovations always, always, always pay off! Obviously, if you already have a really nice upgraded kitchen and you just want to change the color of the cabinets for your own enjoyment, that probably will not pay off. However, if you have an older styled kitchen or bathroom, upgrading the countertops, cabinets, flooring, and even things such as the hardware can definitely benefit you in the long run. Most home buyers have a few things in mind when they go to buy a home: the location, the space, the kitchen, the exterior, and the bathrooms. A lot of other things can be slid under the rug, but a nice kitchen and bathroom is always a selling point.

Another impactful upgrade to consider for kitchens and bathrooms is the inclusion of wooden wall planks. These natural wood elements bring a warm, rustic charm to any space, offering a balance of traditional aesthetics and modern functionality. Whether used as accent walls, backsplashes, or even as part of cabinet designs, fir wood planks can transform these areas into more inviting and visually appealing spaces. Their durability and timeless beauty make them an excellent choice for those looking to add a touch of nature and elegance. They also elevate the aesthetic value and potentially increase the overall market appeal of your home.

Work on the exterior

The condition of your exterior is the first thing that potential home buyers look at. If they pull up to your home and the siding is falling off, or the roof looks worn, do you think they will want to look at the inside? Probably not. That’s why I always recommend making sure that the exterior of your home looks neat and well taken care of. Add in flowers, bushes, touch up any peeling paint, and check the roof while you’re at it. Don’t forget to take a good look at the mailbox! Some just look awful.

Update your appliances

If you are planning to sell your home in the near future, consider replacing old appliances with new. This includes kitchen appliances such as your refrigerator, range, and even microwave. Also, make sure you do not forget about your bigger home appliances, as well, such as your hot water heater, air conditioning units, and more. While some home buyers want to bring in their own fridge and other appliances (or will buy new), buying ahead of time saves them something on their check list that will save them cash.

Focus on large improvements

Once again, if you plan to sell your home in the near future, focusing on large improvements is so helpful. When you look at a listing page on Zillow or another real estate page, they will always point out large improvements like a new roof, a new hot water heater, a new furnace or HVAC system, and more. Why? Because these are big ticketed items that could potentially cost the new homeowner a lot of money. Updating these large appliances and doing other large improvements is so handy when it comes to getting a better price for your home when you go to sell. For example, my friend had a crack in her foundation. It is a huge item when it comes to the home inspection. She knew that it was not causing any issues to the home, so she went ahead and paid about $700-$1,000 for a foundation expert to come inspect it and give her a letter saying that the structure was okay. She let the prospective buyer(s) know this ahead of time and it saved a lot of headache, stress, and probably money in the long run. Plus, it led the buyer(s) to have more peace of mind knowing that she was upfront and honest, which more than likely made the sale easier – with less negotiation room.

Hire a hauling contractor

I guess this isn’t exactly a renovation tip, but if you are planning renovations, make sure to hire a hauling contractor. You will need a company to haul away all of the construction material. “Trinity Industrial Services is a family-run industrial and construction waste hauling company with more than 60 years of shared experience. We pride ourselves on being environmentally friendly and practical in all that we do. Our hauling services allow us to provide the turnkey experience that saves our clients time and money with a streamlined demolition process. We own our own roll-off trucks and dumpsters, which simplifies the process of removing materials and minimizes cost. This allows us greater planning during the demolition process to know how the materials are going to be hauled off and later recycled.” This Atlanta demolition company is family-owned and they are a one-stop-shop demolition and hauling company.They say, “We’ll handle everything from start to finish, including moving debris and hauling away unwanted materials. This saves time and money! We also offer material recycling, including metal, plastic, glass, and more. We provide our own roll-off trucks and dumpsters capable of hauling away any amount of waste. This is another reason Trinity Industrial Services is a one-stop-shop demolition experience. We will keep any job moving cost-effective and time-efficient. We are Atlanta’s best scrap-metal recycling, and waste hauling provider.”

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