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Best Air Fryer Trays: How To Make The Right Choice?

Air fryers are the trending kitchen gadget, healthier, and loved by gadget geeks these days. They hold a spot on their kitchen counters. However, not everyone can afford an expensive top, quality product. A solution to this problem is air fryer trays that you can use in your conventional oven.

There are several such trays available in the market to choose from. Top air fryer tray for ovens should be chosen after researching what meets your cooking needs. Some of the popular air fryer trays for ovens in Australia are Gotham Steel Crisper Tray for Ovens, WHG (Wonder Home Gardens) Upgraded Copper CRispers, and Chef Pomodoro Copper Crisper Tray.

How to Choose The Right Air Fryer Tray for Ovens

Here are some top factors to consider before you choose the best product for your oven.

Size/ Dimensions 

The first thing is to know what size will be suitable for cooking. People need to know what they will cook and for how many people. It will guide them in deciding the size or capacity of the tray. The standard size is enough for four people to serve.

However, it is equally important to understand what you will cook. For cooking meat, a wider tray may be reasonable. Otherwise, any standard size will do for simple snacks like fries or vegetable crisps.

The Metal and the Coating 

All metals don’t have the same properties. It varies from metal to metal. The heat conductivity of metal is an essential aspect to check before purchasing. It is wise to use either copper or aluminium trays as they are sturdy and good conductors of heat.

For coating, the material should be non-stick. A coating of blended ceramic and titanium gives non-stick properties to the tray.

Safety Features

Safety is of utmost importance for cooking in the kitchen. Many fire accidents happen in the kitchens due to the ovens. The tray and basket- the two pieces set inside the oven must heat up sparingly. 

Dishwasher Safe

You may not want to clean the burnt or used trays. After cooking and serving food, cleaning the entire thing is tiresome. It’s perfect when you can wash it off in the dishwasher without any effort.

You needn’t soak it in soap and water for a long time and then clean it with your hands. The non-stick coating helps to clean it with ease.

Suitable for Crisping Food

You need to get a top air fryer tray for ovens if you want a tasty, crispy dish with less oil and butter on your plate. Going healthy and not compromising on the taste and texture is what you expect from them.

A low-quality tray needs more oil to cook. A crisper basket-tray set is designed to allow heat to circulate and cook food from all around. It helps cook food evenly, and no portions are undercooked or overcooked. In the end, crispy and healthy food is what you want! 


A top-rated air fryer tray makes cooking more fun and saves you time. It is a boon of modern technology that you can binge on crispy fries without excess oil. 

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