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5 things to consider when you are moving

Everyone is moving right now and for good reason, too. Clark Howard actually came out the other day and said that home prices are going to continue to rise, so if you are in a good spot to buy a home now, and you know that you will be purchasing a home within the next couple of years, you need to go ahead and purchase a home now. With that being said, if you are going to purchase a home soon, or if you are moving to a new apartment soon, here are a few things to consider when you are moving:

5 things to consider when you are moving

Who is your real estate agent?

The first thing that you need to consider is who your real estate agent is. It’s true – not all agents are created equal. You could have someone who knows the ins and outs of the real estate business, especially when there is such a crazy market. Alternately, you could have someone who knows a little bit about it, and isn’t sure how to price your home (or a home that you are buying) in a crazy market. The difference between the two is very transparent. The first one will more than likely get you a better deal when it comes to both selling and buying a home and the second one might get you a great deal, but how much work are YOU putting in, and how stressful is it? Needless to say, who is your real estate agent? Make sure you choose one that really knows the ins and outs of all real estate markets, to save you money, stress, and a lot of time.

Are you downsizing, or getting a larger home?

Something to consider when you are moving is the size of your next home. Are you planning to buy a larger one, or a smaller one? Think about your long-term needs, not just your short-term needs. What do you need now, and what might you need in the future? You cannot predict every single scenario that life will throw your way, but try your best to prepare for scenarios that you think *might* happen in the future.

What do you want in a home?

A great question to ask yourself is what you want in a home, aside from size. Do you want to be close to work? Close to family? Close to coffee shops? Do you want a pool? A playroom? Land? There are so many things to consider, so just make sure that you ask yourself what you want in a home, before you choose a home.

Declutter and sell what you do not need

Before you move, start gathering some unneeded items that are still valuable enough to sell. Consider if these items are worth the time, cost, and headache to move. If not, sell them and pocket the cash for moving expenses. Some decisions are easier than others, like selling the television set that no one uses anymore. Then, there are more difficult judgment calls. You may love the piano you grew up learning to play on, but if you rarely spend time playing it, it may make sense to sell it to a home that can enjoy it. Once you’ve made a mental note of all the items you’re not going to be packing, it’s time to figure out how you’re going to get rid of these pieces and make the most money on them possible.

You could:

-Have a yard sale

-List them on Facebook marketplace, poshmark, Mercari, Craigstlist, etc.

-Check with your friends to see if they need any of the stuff (you could barter!)

Do you have a moving team?

5 things to consider when you are moving


Last but not least, consider this: do you have a moving team? A moving company, such as Page Relocation, will save you so much time and effort. Page Relocation is a great residential moving company, but they are also office movers in Atlanta. They have amazing reviews, they aim to make moving as easy as possible, and they have two offices: one in Canton and one in Atlanta (they just expanded!). They are fully licensed and insured for GA and for out of state, so you can rest easy. The best thing about Page Relocation is that they have great values: the owner truly follows through on what he says he will do, and he calls every single person during the move, to make sure that all is going well.

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