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How to save on moving using AAA discounts?

Many people are unaware of the advantages offered by AAA, which is an excellent opportunity for them to save on moving. The first thing that you should know about is the discounts they offer. There are many different ways in which you can save money on your move using AAA! This article will discuss some of these benefits and how one can use this to their advantage when it comes time to move.

1. New homeowners can get discounts on moving services by using AAA discounts

AAA offers discounts on moving services to new homeowners. This can be a great way to save money, but it requires some effort and planning. You need to make sure that you know the AAA discount as early as possible – ideally before even looking for a home! If you do this, you will likely spend much less than traditional ways when it comes time to move; something which could save you thousands! This means that it is essential to talk with your realtor ahead of time about how you plan on doing this when choosing your home.

2. Use membership cards sponsored by AAA to get discounts in stores.

If you have a AAA membership card, remember that many local AAA stores will give you special discounts on items in the store. These can be great ways to save money, as well as getting free gifts! Some of these offers include:

– Discounts on home improvement services (AAA provides a wide variety of these services) – Special deals on hotel stays nationwide – A free “MegaMate” card which improves your driving and car maintenance skills – Gift card rewards for AAA members from local businesses sponsored by the organization

3. Use AAA discounts when moving company shopping

When you are looking for a mover, consider getting AAA discounts when relocating offered by your local branch. This can be very beneficial, as not only can it save you money on gas – but some trucks even have free moving blankets! Some AAA branches also offer special prizes and gifts to members who create good referrals. Make sure to ask about these perks!

4: Donate old items to charity using AAA discounts

AAA has a program called “Goodwill,” which helps with donations (especially large ones). The donation process is rather simple: 1) Take things that you don’t want anymore 2) Call Goodwill 3) They pick up the items 4) Get a tax deduction. These services are available in most locations and won’t cost you much at all!

5. Make use of the AAA roadside assistance program

AAA provides “Roadside Assistance” to members for things like flat tires, dead batteries, or just a simple jump-start – which can save you a lot of money if your car breaks down while on the road!

If you want more information about these discounts, please contact your local branch (or other AAA regional office). Checking out www.aaa.com is also an effective way of getting additional information regarding the organization and their discounts – which is especially helpful when there are special promotions coming up or holiday specials.

6: Shop online using AAA membership referral codes

If you plan to shop online, there is a great way to save some money: use your AAA membership code when making purchases. This will automatically give you a discount – and this can be especially helpful if the company has an affiliate program with AAA!

7: Shop in local stores using AAA membership discounts

If you want to take a trip to your local “Walmart” or another large store, make sure to use your AAA card when purchasing items or to enter the building. This will give you access to special deals and sales specifically targeted towards AAA members!

8. Make sure that you take advantage of all possible AAA discounts when staying at hotels.

Another benefit that everyone should know about is that public hotels are often willing to offer AAA discounts if they are not already advertised. This is something you need to check with the business directly to find out about, as AAA discounts are not always provided. If you can get these discounts, though – it is a great way to save some money on your hotel stay!

One final note: if you want to take advantage of all the deals and savings that AAA has available for their members, be sure to sign up for their newsletter or mailing list. This will ensure that you know about any new promotions coming out, which makes saving money even easier!