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6 Major Benefits of Rooftop Solar Systems

By 2023, the number of solar photovoltaic installation in the United States will be above 2 million. It has taken the industry over 40 years to reach this milestone. However, it will take a shorter span for millions of homeowners and businesses to embrace solar energy now due to the gradual awareness of the benefits of solar energy.

Today, more Americans admit that they’re prioritizing solar installation in their homes. The turnaround is due to the emerging benefits of this form of energy. Rooftop solar systems have, in particular, become a center of focus in recent times.

The benefits that accrue from these systems are enormous. Experts in the solar sector argue that incorporating solar as a mainstream source of energy in America is a matter of when and not if.

Have you considered the advantages of installing rooftop solar systems? Read on for more. 

1. Reduced Electricity Bills 

During the Coronavirus pandemic and the subsequent lockdown, Americans spent an extra 0.3 kWh per GB while working from home or keeping the family entertained. This cost is on top of the 13 cents kilowatt per hour Americans use per day.  For any ordinary citizen, the cost of electricity is overwhelming.

Have you been stuck with this overburdening cost of electricity? The good news is that using rooftop solar reduces your electricity consumption. Most people only focus on the actual cost of installation, which is one-off.

You only need to focus on the initial installation cost vis-à-vis the recurrent yet fluctuating costs of electricity. In the long-haul, it’s agreeable that you will save much more on your monthly electricity bills once you install rooftop solar system panels.

2. Increases Your Home Value 

Whether you’re building your house with immediate resale value in mind or for future listing, increasing it’s worth is crucial. Most buyers consider specific aspects of your house before attaching value to it. Solar rooftop systems have the potential to boost your home’s worth more than any other feature.

Every potential buyer will consider the ability to save up on any future cost of electricity. Such buyers also know that they still need to incur the charge of installing solar panels, given the increasing demand. With such thoughts in mind, you’ll likely have the upper hand in the negotiation.

If you’re looking for something to boost your home’s ROI, then think rooftop solar systems. You stand to gain as much as 9-20% as the ROI with rooftop solar systems.

3. Low Maintenance 

Maintenance is often an issue for most homeowners considering the option of installing solar. You should be careful not to suffer the burden of paying more for maintenance. The skepticism is often on the premise that you need costly yet frequent maintenance schedules to keep your systems running.  

The truth is that you still have to consider maintenance for your solar panels from time to time. However, the difference is that rooftop solar systems have low-cost maintenance requirements, which are infrequent. You only need to factor in the cleaning process, which can happen twice a year.  

The average lifespan for solar panels is around 25 years. Unless something happens, such as the effects of extreme weather, you don’t need to worry about frequent maintenance. You should consider scheduled minor maintenance twice every year within the quarter-century lifespan to ensure that the systems work well. 

4. Solar Works Anywhere 

The United States has an enormous solar resource. An hour of the noontime summer sun can meet the annual U.S. electricity demand if well-harnessed. For most Americans states, the solar resource index rates from good to excellent.  

Unlike electricity connections, which are subject to geographical suitability, solar resources are everywhere. You only need the initial installation cost, and you’re good to go. 

Are you wondering what pros you can attach to rooftop solar systems? One critical advantage is that the country’s solar resources are untapped and available everywhere.

5. Rooftop Solar Systems Are Safer

Did you know that electrical failures and malfunctions were the second leading causes of home fires in the USA in 2016? These statistics point at the extent of risk that high voltage connections pose. Rooftop solar systems depend on regulated energy direct from the sun.

When you consider the proper installation of the rooftop solar systems, you won’t have to worry about fires. In some of the rarest incidents where solar was the culprit following a fire, the concern was due to electrical arcing or improper installation. 

Are you considering an option that’s safe for you and your property?

Installing rooftop solar systems guarantees you the safety you need from instances of high voltage or wiring complications that come with electricity connections. You only need to work with the best solar companies to ensure that your connection is proper and safe.  

6. Environmentally Friendly

The planet is today 1 degree Celsius warmer due to human action. It’s estimated that the economic losses due to climate change will likely hit $32 trillion every year for the next 80 years. Compared to other fossil fuels, solar energy is renewable and has the least risks to the environment. 

Each kilowatt-hour of solar that’s generated has substantially lower impacts on greenhouse gas emissions. While hydro-electricity does not pollute the environment, it affects the natural habitats. If you’re keen on settling for a renewable source of energy, then solar is the way to go.  

Installing Rooftop Solar Systems Should Be Your Priority 

The world is moving towards renewable energy. Most Americans still wonder what the hype to go solar is all about. However, with each waking day, more homeowners are finding more reasons to go solar. 

Are you wondering what benefits of solar energy you can derive from rooftop solar systems? You won’t only save on energy costs but also help save the environment. Rooftop solar systems are also safe and require low-maintenance. 

You should also appreciate that solar resources are everywhere, given their natural sources. These should be enough reasons to go solar.

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