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Bag Basics: What Handbags Should Every Woman Own?

Are you trying to keep your closet stocked with all the staples you need? A girl doesn’t need a million handbags, she just needs a handful that can work for different purposes.

To find out what types of handbags you need to complete your wardrobe, keep reading. With this guide, you can have a go-to bag for every occasion.

Simple Everyday Totes

Having that everyday purse, or the purse that you can use for workday and weekday wear is a must. The best way to find this everyday bag is to go with a tote sized option, as this will be large enough to fit your everyday essentials. A neutral color can be best, as it will go with whatever you’re wearing and can be a seasonless style.

A structured option can be a great way to keep your items protected, and can look more professional when using it for the workday. A minimal leather or faux leather style is best and can be found in tones of great neutral shades like black, nude, and sienna.

If you’re using your tote for work, consider finding a size large enough for supplies like your laptop. This can be a great alternative to a backpack, which may look less professional while still staying girly and fun by avoiding wearing a briefcase.

Coming in Clutch

Clutches are a great go-to purse option for events or outings where you don’t need to bring much with you. There are some clutch style staples you should keep in your closet for different occasions, and since they are small, they won’t take up too much storage space.

A go-to evening clutch can be an elegant addition to any elevated outfit. Leather and velvet are both great material options for an evening clutch. Darker colors, such as black or maroon can help to envelop the nighttime mood.

A versatile day clutch can also be great to have on hand and is perfect for grabbing and going to a casual lunch or brunch. A lighter color, like a white leather or light pink option, is great for adding some light to your outfit.

The Pop of Color Purse

A great way to spice up a wardrobe that needs a pop of color is to add a colorful bag to your collection. Letting your bag be your statement piece is a great way to tie together an outfit that just needs a little something.

This can be used to add some color on a dull day or to perk up your outfit for a fun event or activity. A great statement color for purses is bold reds, pinks or cobalt blues. You can find some great statement options on this site, where you never pay retail prices.

Handbags Every Lady Needs

If you’re trying to fill your closet with just the essentials, keep these handbag must-haves in mind. With these handbags, you can be prepared for any outfit or occasion. Up your purse game with these awesome wardrobe staples.

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