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8 Clever Ideas to Add Glamour to your Small Dining Room

Dining rooms are one of the most important spaces in every home. Well, having large dining rooms is great, but that does not mean if your dining room is small, you can’t get that five-star eatery experience! With creativity and small tricks here and there, you can make your small dining room glamorous and appealing. The following are some clever ideas that you can incorporate to add glamour to your small dining room.

Go all out with your Wallpaper

For starters, why not add that eye-catching wallpaper? Decorating your dining room should be a fun process, and you should enjoy every part of it. Selecting through various wallpaper models is just part of the fun. Personalizing your wallpaper is one key step. Well, it will have your dining room reflect your personality. Wallpapers bring both pattern and color to your dining room space.  Choosing a bold wallpaper for your dining room is the best way to make a statement and add glam to the space.

Play with your Colors

Again, being small does not mean it has to be boring! Colors always bring life to every space. Since space is your limiting factor, use color and pattern to draw attention to your dining room. Using a single color for painting can be your secret weapon when it comes to small spaces. A single-color design scheme in a small room miraculously makes the room feel larger. However, your dining room is not the place to try out a moody, dark color palette. The lighter the color, the lighter will be reflected in your space.

Dine by the Window

Nothing beats the luxurious feeling of having your meals with access to a beautiful view of the outdoor space, open countryside, or a well-stocked garden. Having a small space means that you will have to be creative with it and make as much use of it. You can transform your built-in bench window seat or bay window into a perfect dining area. There is an advantage when it comes to dining the window.

Natural light from outside will help your dining space look bigger than it is. You will also have access to fresh air as you have your meals. Just include a décor on the table to enhance the beauty.

Bring the Outside In

You can never go wrong when it comes to indoor plants. The beauty of the plants will effortlessly add glamour to your dining room. Plants and flowers will also add a sweet fragrance to your dining room. Potted and hanging plants can be the best solution for dining spaces are they will not take much of your space. Not only do plants and flowers add glamour, but they also bring life to a place. The green color of the plants always comes with a soothing and refreshing feeling, and that is all you need as you have your meals.

Add a Fancy Table Cloth on your Dining Table

Tablecloths are another asset that can serve you all year round from Thanksgiving through New Year’s. These prints will bring a festive feel to mealtime. Using a unique home décor fabric will help draw your guests’ attention from the small space to the table. You can create a theme for your dining room by complementing the color and patterns of your tablecloth to that of the whole dining room. Tablecloth also plays an important role in adding a layer of protection to the wood or glass underneath, thus protecting your table.

Hang Plenty of Mirrors

If you want to take your dining room to another level, including mirrors is the way to go. Hanging a large mirror or a couple of small mirrors directly across the window will double the amount of sunlight in your room by allowing it to bounce off reflective surfaces. Mirrors not only create an impression of extra light in your room, but they will also make your small room feel bigger.

Hanging unique mirrors in your dining room will complement your décor and add glamour to it. There are so many designs of mirrors that you can choose from that will fit perfectly in your dining room. If you are creative enough, you can opt to design your mirrors.

Add that Piece of Art

Art can never disappoint when it comes to adding glamour. Apart from adding glamour, art will help you express your personality and style. Any form of art will capture the attention of your guests.

Whether it is that picture, painting, drawing, or curved animal, it can all work out in your favor when it comes to adding glamour. However, it is important to choose the art depending on the theme color you have decided on for your dining room. This will help you to avoid throwing colors all over the place that may bring an overwhelming feeling.

Spruce up with a Statement Pendant

Light is everything when it comes to making your small room feel bigger. A pendant will do more to your dining room than bringing in light. Incorporating a pendant that speaks volumes in your dining room. It is one of the ways to add glamour to it. A bold pendant will set the mood for entertaining in your space. When choosing the right pendant for your dining space, be ready to play with proportions and go oversized. This will help you find a pendant that will complement the room design.

Wrap Up

Adding glamour to your small dining room is easier than you think. The best thing is that you do not have to make a complete make-over to your space but implement a few tricks to add in magic. It is even easier if you know what you are looking for. Just have fun while doing it. After all, it is never that serious. We hope some of the tips we have covered above have given you some hacks to help elevate the look and feel of your small dining room. Remember, adding that glamour is all about creativity. It doesn’t have to be that expensive!